60California, United States
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My self-summary
I seldom look at the pretty ones, too much to hope for or too much trouble I know not which…LOL But it’s not looks I am hoping for, its not a fancy fashionista I search endlessly in dreams of finding or a glamour gal in the spotlight that I seek. What those good looks often hide are the qualities I need, the heart, the goodness, the humbleness of righteous heart without having to be aggressive to prove their independence. A soft touch, a gentle voice, a sparkle in her eye that shows the true inner spirit of a woman, not the voluptuous sexy “look down my blouse fellas!” presentations some feel necessary to place on their profiles. To me she would be sexy in her own way, and probably knock my socks off in her own fashion. LOL

To that kind hearted sweetheart I have not yet had the lucky chance to meet, hello!

PLEASE!!! No speed dating fanatics or multiple entertainment partners here. No photos or non-current misrepresentations earn no reply of course, as we all desire and require up front courteous honesty in a person, especially new people to us.

But I can't seem to find that mellow, non-critical, easy-going lady for the life of me. If we have to put someone down to lift our own self up, if we have to watch someone fall to be able to laugh, then the world around us has affected us in a bad way, and changed us into it. I am looking for that lady that can act like a lady, but be a kid at heart, the one that hasn't forgotten to laugh at the simple good things in life. I am looking for that countrified, cool, calm and collected version of a lady to overwhelm my heart and leave me speechless.

I'm not interested in "pretty" unless it's pretty nice and not pretty mean. LOL I am not interested in what other gents might call great looking, for its the heart I am concerned with, and the spirit and soul that rates far more important. I am more interested in that relationship like my grand folks had, married for 72 years to their best friend in life. It has to have and hold respect for one another, or no matter how you define love, it cannot last as long as they practiced their love for each other, held one another in respect, love and adoration.

So send a note, say hi, relax and get comfortable for there is nothing here to worry about, and nothing to be scared of, just a laid back, natural genuine heart.

And don't let the long windiness worry you or alert you to some possible personality quirk or like some we find, a misfit mentality or emotionally imbalanced persona, okay? It just is there and gives someone a good idea of how I think, and it takes words to do that in here. In real life, I do not try to over talk or control a conversation as listening is just as or more so important to communications with someone you care for..
I spend a lot of time thinking about
.Literary prose to soothe your heart....
so many profiles this way start....
soft written words that seem so dear...
sweet lil' nuthin's to fill your ear....
Everyone is honest, true and kind....
So sayeth all, everyone you find....
false promise spoken is full of hurt....
in word and deed, in how they flirt....
But somewhere someday a lady she'll be ...
to be a queen, my angel I'll see....
Her heart will promise with genuine charm...
forever to walk, arm in arm,
our hearts might meld and be as one
love of my life to share in the fun
cherished and loved in blissful thought
of treasures we find and gifts we brought
partners in life we both will lead
of a righteous heart, thought and deed...
You should message me if
You find my intro and words interestingly curious....and you're the lady that many can only claim to be. LOL If your heart is mellow and you can understand the intent behind the saying that "One doesn't have to be aggressively impolite just to prove they are truly independent" then we may have things in common, lets share.
The two of us