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My self-summary
I am protesting OKC's unrighteous query in asking people "Do you think people with a low IQ should be allowed to reproduce".

Because of such callus remarks, I am advocating to blacklist OKC until someone with a more righteous viewpoint takes that off of the personality questionnaire.

A public protest is going on for the prejudiced mentality behind such rude, bigoted queries. No person should be treated like an animal, and proposed ideals suggested that mentally challenged people should be restricted from having children. Even if we feel that it is a bad choice to do so, we nor anyone else has the right to restrict, neuter or spade another human being to prevent them from reproducing other than maybe a convicted rapist sex offender with repeated offenses.

In a similarity, it is like suggesting or promoting to someone " would you date a person of another race". That is not racist, but to ask someone if they think "people should not be allowed to date or marry and have children with interracial relationships" IS racist.

Until the upper echelon of the stupid admins change their viewpoint,. I will blacklist this site.

Just as I would not post a personal profile on a KKK site, I will not participate in this unrighteous attitude. I will leave my profile here until they change or....

But I am not using it to look for compatible personal matches until then.

If you wish to read more about the public protest and petition to remove this type of questioning, please google "OK Cupid protest and Petition" as I can not put a URL on here.

In light of this, if person wanted to know what I am like inside, this action probably tells them more about my character than any other method. LOL
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