47Liverpool, United Kingdom
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My self-summary
Still searching for that certain person. I mean how hard can it be to find an intelligent woman who likes rock and goth music, reads, doesn't mind tattoos and isn't after someone 6ft+ .

It's always that last one, damn.

I'm open about most things, quite sociable and I have a dry and yet daft sense of humour. I particularly try to find humour in the bizarre/surreal side of everyday life.

I'm tattooed and usually have a beard and still not 6 foot tall.

I enjoy most music genres , like reading, cinema (home and big screen), walking/hiking (bit out of practice), history and science and loads of other stuff.

Mostly I enjoy having a laugh, it might be at something stupid or at something profound, but if I can attempt to find humour in it I will .

Not after one night stands and can do without drama.
What I’m doing with my life
Filling out this box and others [see above and below]

Other stuff

Currently dealing with health issues due to hemiplegic migraine so if I go numb and fall over be warned, it's not the ale.(oh how I wish it was) and it ain't no fun. But as Alexei Sayle would say "mustn't grumble" could be TIAs.
I’m really good at
Listening. Remembering random facts.

Wishing I was less accomplished at putting my foot in my mouth.


Light hearted sarcasm.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm hidden under a some form of hat, usually.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: too many to name but like Douglas Adams, John Wyndham and David Eddings amongst numerous others.

Movies: again lots, but The Lost Boys, The Princess Bride, Subway, Bladerunner, Aliens, Star Wars IV-VI and Repo Man top the list.
Fan of Luc Besson and Terry Gilliam; Brazil being my favourite.
Also a fan of well thought out World Cinema, such as Amélie, Timecrimes, and Thale.

TV: Twin Peaks and many many others.

Music: Rammstein, Mozart, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, System of a Down, Metallica, Madness, Tori Amos, REM, Pink Floyd, Queen, Ultravox, The Sisters of Mercy, Green Day, OMD, All About Eve, Human League, Slipknot and the list goes on and on. But admittedly it's mostly rock and metal. But I find 80's synthpop is still very enjoyable, along with other genres, I like what I like.
Increasingly interested in EBM, is that allowed at my age?

Enjoy seeing bands live, nothing like a good gig.
Hmmm, lets just say I like music and move on.

Comedy: Eddie Izzard, Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey and Bill Hicks. Monty Python still makes me chortle, and love the much missed Mary Whitehouse Experience.

Food: yes I like it,
Six things I could never do without
my daughter
music + comedy
my phone + my glasses
food + water+air
friends + family
In no particular order after the first and I know I'm cheating
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Where the "safe place" I put something is?
What the Romans have ever done for us.?
My next tattoo. And the one after that and the next (they are not addictive . . honest)
Uses for Gaffer tape.
Is 42 the ultimate answer, and where my Fenchurch is.?
More uses for Gaffer tape.
How something obscure would look photographed?
Chaos and order, their constant juxtaposition in my life and the world.
Other Stuff....and things
On a typical Friday night I am
Wishing I was in a quiet pub
Contemplating my navel or doing something with friends such as;

Watching an obscure film,
or re-living my youth by being at a gig,
or generally arsing about.

Or in work
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
If I put it here it isn't private
You should message me if
You too ponder life, the universe and everything and 42.

You are (or should be) called Fenchurch and female .

If you have a sense of humour that's outside the norm, you like gigs, history, science and a good laugh.

You are not scared of being hugged or acting daft just because you can.
The two of us