34 Victoria, Canada
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My self-summary
EDIT: So I'm back again. The last time I edited this, I said I was going to give this a serious try of actually contacting and meeting people and I didn't. So I don't know why I'm thinking I'm really going to do it this time.

So months ago, I created this profile and basically ignored it, only coming onto OKCupid to...stalk profiles (I guess...) and answer questions. After seeing a lot of people I knew back in high school getting married, having kids, etc. I figured I'd come back on here and give it a serious try...maybe. I always figured that trying to meet people online is the last step before giving up.

I have a economics degree from UVic and am just trying to figure out what I'm going to do with it. I am currently working two jobs, so I'm normally working anywhere between 30-50 hours a week and with the little time I have for free time, I'm usually catching up on other things or running errands. So, needless to say, if you're one of those people who always needs to be with someone 24/7, I'm probably not the person for you.

I'm not a fan of the bar or nightclub scene...unless there's a band I like that's playing. And that means I'm at those places every week (sometimes three times a week) because I love live music that comes into town.

I'm looking for something long-term, but if that's not what you're looking for and you're just looking for a friend, that's all good too. I'll be glad to grab a coffee or hang out and get to know you better first.

I don't really have any specific type of person I'm looking for. I guess I'm just looking for someone who will like me for who I am and not try to change me to fit them. Although I may try to turn you into a bit of a nerd.

I guess that's about it. If I've gotten you interested and you want to get to know more about me or just want to talk, please contact me by sending a message.

I am always on the go, a good listener, and I'm awesome
What I’m doing with my life
Currently looking for a job to give me an idea of what to do with the rest of my life. Hopefully something that will let me apply what I've learned in post-secondary. In the meantime, I work two on-call jobs which requires me to work anywhere from 30-50 hours a week. I've even had weeks where I don't work at all. So, my free time varies.

In my spare time, I tend to read a lot. Been reading comic books since I can remember and have acquired quite a vast collection. I've lost count in recent years but its somewhere in the thousands.

I'd like to consider myself a movie buff, but I probably don't get to see as many movies as I want. A lot of that has to do with time issues and so much going on in my life and people not wanting to see the same movies I want.

I also go to concerts a lot. Sometimes too much. My friends often joke around with me that they're unsure of how I'm able to afford to go to all of them. So, you will probably find me at places like bars and nightclubs when there's a band playing.

Basically I do what a typical guy in his mid-twenties does.
I’m really good at
I would have to say that I'm good at picking up things. It was always liked that with school that I learned the material quite quickly. However, I also feel that I can always improve no matter how quickly I pick anything up.

Also I'm really good at listening apparantely. But I think that's more due to the fact that I don't speak a lot when I'm with people initially.
The first things people usually notice about me
My smile, I guess. All my co-workers have told me that I'm always smiling. I tend to smile a lot.

:) <---- See~! Even typing something, I'm smiling in text~!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I don't know where to start on movies. I'll pretty much watch ANYTHING as long as it's not a dumb turn off your brain for two hours and enjoy the explosions type of movie. Like a Michael Bay movie. :P Not to say I don't like explosions in movies, but there has to be more than that.
The six things I could never do without
...don't know what else...oxygen, I guess. Food...water...good health. Pick one.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
- What my week is going to look like
- When am I going to meet someone, hence why I'm here
On a typical Friday night I am
I'm usually reading or watching TV. Very rarely am I not home on a Friday night.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I live a straight-edge lifestyle and am proud of it. Basically the jist of it is if you've never heard of it is that I don't drink, I don't smoke, and I don't take drugs. Somehow that has some people think I'm no fun too. Don't understand how one has anything to do with the other.

I don't care if you do any of these things (well, maybe the smoking and doing drugs part). If you like it, great, but it's not right for me so don't try to force me to do it because you do it, otherwise, it isn't going to work out.
You should message me if
You're interested. Duh. Why else would you be messaging me? But I'm not all that picky. If I had to narrow it down as to what I'm looking for...

- Preferably if you live near the Victoria area would be great
- Some sort of post-secondary education...this doesn't mean you need to have a degree, but just so I know that you are educated
- If you like comics...or in other words you're as big of a nerd/geek as I am
- I am a Canucks fan...you better be one too, and not one of those bandwagon fans. Flames fans need not apply. :P
- You like to cook or want to learn to cook...and are willing to take up a student who's eager to learn or a partner who will wants to learn with someone
- If you like the same music as I do
- Speaking of music, I find girls that play an instrument (i.e. guitar, bass, etc.) pretty attractive.

See? That's not picky at all is it?

Sidebar: You should also message me if you know and can teach me the ways of the Force. ;)