35Shenzhen, China
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My self-summary
I really enjoy learning new ways to look at things and being challenged intellectually, building technical skills, love to read, and more than once I've made it through an entire book sitting in the library parking lot.

I work hard at things, but I don't get caught up in them to the exclusion of everything else. I try not to own much stuff. I feel less constrained that way. I generally don't let things stress me out. I'm reliable, even keeled, and I'm not a complainer. I don't mind being the butt of a joke, especially if I know you can take back what you dish out :).

Playing sports, cooking, and getting outdoors are all activities I enjoy. Intelligent conversation is fun if it feels like I'm learning something. I like making and fixing things, and I'm pretty capable that way. I can do woodworking, fix a computer, design electronics, or rebuild a transmission (one of the trickier bits of a car). Programming computers is fun too.
What I’m doing with my life
Learning, building cool stuff, reading. Playing in the woods. Turning curiosity into a bunch of tiny gray triangles running across the top of Chrome.

Professionally, I work for myself on a variety of engineering related projects. I like the flexibility and feeling of self-determination.

Currently splitting my time between Shenzhen and the San Francisco Bay Area.
I’m really good at
Dropping things, but then catching them. Dialing the fax number instead of the voice number. Looking up after being immersed in some work task and realizing I REALLY need to use the bathroom.

And I can neatly fold fitted sheets.
The first things people usually notice about me
Tall-ish... probably has a penis.

How about a few things that take a while to notice?

Things are either worth having a strong opinion on, or they aren't. Maybe it's partly from growing up in a big family (where you aren't necessarily the center of attention, and learn to deal with it), but don't expect strong feelings on where to go for dinner. I do have strong opinions (and a lot of determination) on bigger issues.

I like listening to electronic dance music, even back before it was so mainstream. I guess it doesn't seem to fit my personality, enough that family/close friends tend to find it pretty funny.

Pleasantries and small talk do not come naturally to me. Sometimes this doesn't take long to notice. :) I wouldn't say I'm awkward about it, though.

Mischievousness is more effective when it's unexpected. If you're embarrassed we met online I will be sorely tempted to make up an even more embarrassing story to share with my friends (in front of you). The other 99% of the time I will be mostly responsible sounding.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: YES
movies: no
shows: no
music: yes
food: yes
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Since I turned 30 or so, am I no longer attractive to gay guys, or did OkCupid do something to keep them away from heterosexual profiles? I used to have a fair amount of profile visits from those guys, but now not so much. Maybe I'm just losing my youthful beauty...?

How much easier it would be to enter long Excel formulas if carriage returns and whitespace were allowed.

I broke my nose playing basketball recently, and it got me thinking back. In addition to a now slightly asymmetric nose I have:

  • one eye that opens a little bit more than the other (tore my eyelid)

  • 2 or 3 chipped teeth

  • a scar on my chin from stitches

  • my jaw hinge gets funny sometimes and I have a hard time chewing (from a head-butt that also loosened a few teeth)

  • bit through my tongue

...and these were all injuries involving my face, that happened while playing basketball. After thinking back on all of them I decided I should either: a) try to play less basketball with my face, or b) at least keep my mouth closed while I'm playing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do actually have a penis.
You should message me if
History seems to indicate it will work better if I message you first, but feel free.

Pragmatism, intelligence, and being at peace with yourself are pretty attractive. Curiosity and occasional mischievousness never hurt either. Once we're to that point, you're someone who would naturally think in terms of 'us', and want to make a good team.

If you have problems with men feeling insecure around you, there's a good chance I will find you either annoying or irresistible.

If you react like this:
to surprises. I promise to restrain myself... most of the time.
The two of us