38Navarro, United States
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My self-summary
I have a wide variety of interests. But here are some of the highlights. I am a huge sports fanatic. I've played something my whole life. I love using my body to express myself, to try new things, test my limits. I like sports for the teamwork, comorodery, strategizing, out thinking my opponents, and executing to victory.

I'm intrigued where sports and culture intersect. Like The Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Ky., Wimbledon for tennis and London in June, The Tour De France, SEC football in the south. Basketball in Indiana and North Carolina, High school football in Texas, Hockey in Minnesota, North Dakota and Canada.

I love being active in my community and world. I strive to make the world a better place to live for everyone.

I visited Vancouver and went to the Winter Olympics there. Afterwards, I had the Olympic bug and I thought it would be a blast to try curling. There is a curling club in Seattle, turns out curling is actually popular in Seattle and there is no room in any of their leagues.

I'm full of contradictions: the life of the party and shy. Outgoing and quiet. That's just to name a few. To find out more you'll have to read the other sections or message me.

I am tall, thin, and googly eyed
What I’m doing with my life
During the winter I sell outdoor apparel and try my hand at being a ski bum. During the summers I'm a blend of forester and wildland firefighter. I've been a bit of a Renaissance man with my career, with a lot of jumping around. It's had it's ups and downs, overall. But, I've enjoyed it.
I’m really good at
Reading a map and navigation. If you are lost, I probably can get you there. Being honest, unless it is something that I am really uncomfortable with, then I can be a bit coy. Cooking meats. Keeping kids entertained. Organizing a good themed party. Somehow, Texas Hold'em, I don't play much, because I know that odds are stacked against me, but I've been in one tournament and I won it.
The first things people usually notice about me
Man, that boy is thin! My googly eyes too! I have nystagmus, which was explained to me when I was little as, having one set of muscles for my eye stronger than the other eye. So, when I usually try to look straight my eye muscles will fight with each other and my pupils will bounce back and forth horizontally. My body has adjusted to this by simply turning my head slightly to the left and looking out of the corner of my eyes. Apparently, this is a null point for my eyes and they don't bounce around there. Other times my body adjusts by shaking my head instead of my eyes and it looks like I'm constantly shaking my head no. Sometimes people think I'm just being sly and dramatic. Once I explain what's up, they find it pretty cool. It's usually not to much of a hassle, except when the world is bouncing around, that and it can be a pain in the neck, literally. Those neck muscles get tired of holding in place off to the side for so long. Other than that, I would say people notice my cool, laid-back, approachable demeanor.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Our short attention span culture has crippled me to barley reading any books since I've been out of school. I read a lot of articles on the internet, Rolling Stone magazine, High Country News and local independent news.

American Graffiti, Caddyshack, Field of Dreams. Comedies are good, so are dramas, documentaries and independent films; that's generally the movies I like to see.

When on the computer I often mind my self listening to Radio Paradise. My favorite internet radio station. They bill themselves as "a blend of many styles and genres of music, carefully selected and mixed by two real human beings." They play modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz. You might want to check it out, I think it's pretty cool.

I like eating foods that are grown local and in season. I like to meet those who grew my food and to talk with them. Fresh, organic food is better and healthier. But, I'll go right on and eat frozen burritos, pizza, and corn dogs from the freezer as well. I love Indian food and barbeque. I also like cooking food that goes with a season or holiday. Like jambalaya or red beans and rice for Mardi Gras, corned beef and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day, and German sausage with sauerkraut, red cabbage, and German potato salad for Oktoberfest.
Six things I could never do without
College football on a warm fall Saturday afternoon. Playing hockey with my hockey playing friends, going to rock concerts with my non-hockey playing friends. A quality microbrew after a hard days work every once in a while. A real good hot and toasty summer. Getting out for a walk in the woods or mountains. On the practical side, the dishwasher.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lisa: Don't you think about things? Like, what's inside you?
Nelson: I dunno. Guts. Black stuff. About 50 Slim Jims.

I just had to get started with those lines form "The Simpsons". That was the first thing that came to mind when I first read that question. I think about a lot of different stuff. I generally have a dozen browser windows up on my computer because my thought will easily distract me and I have to go and grab the answer for my curiosity somewhere. I'll often go to another room to get something and forget what it was I was looking for by the time I get there. That's how much my thoughts can wander.

I find myself thinking a lot about how to best effectively combat our corporate and consumerism culture. From this, how can we build better connected communities with each other. What's the next step in life I should take. What can I do with my life to best reach these goals. That is a bit of the more serious side of me.
On a typical Friday night I am
Having a career in recreation I joke that "when everyone is not working, that is when I work." So, I can be pretty busy evenings and weekends. I do have free time that matches with other people's schedules. I'll go out to dinner with friends, Saturday or Sunday nights and sometimes both if I have hockey games. So, I'll play hockey with my team and then go out and drink afterwords. "The six things I can never do without" section also covers things I like to do in my free time. But, I'm game to try almost anything.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I once successfully snuck into U23D at the IMAX theater, to quickly realize that it was useless without the 3D glasses. So, I went right back out and paid for admission, so I could get the 3D glasses and see the movie properly.
You should message me if
Because you saw that our match ratings and friends ratings were off the charts! That our enemy ratings were like 0% and you totally are convinced that I'm the man for you. Because I want to receive a message from you. :)
The two of us