33Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
So let me get this out of the way to save some people some awkward messages to me. I am happily married to a wonderful woman, I'm just here to do occasional surveys and chat.

Hi My name is Hans. I like long walks on the beach, romantic candlelit dinners and books about sparkling vampires.

And if you believe that, I have some prime real estate to sell you on the moon.

In reality, I'm some sort of weird nerdish athlete if there is such a thing. I love things that involve thinking, board games, video games, reading, sports that require strategy or just a great conversation or debate will really make my day. Also my real (middle) name is Hans, but that's not important.

I also compete at the international level in grappling and BJJ. And with it's legalization in Ontario, may try a little MMA while I'm still in the prime of my life.

I am batman.

I tend to be sarcastic, and awkward in most social situations, yet I work as a personal trainer and martial arts instructor and seem to do just fine.

Also I'm not really batman, the truth is.... I am Iron Man.

I tried once to be a pro wrestler, I like computers and videogames and pocky. I also love lifting weights and doing just about anything fun that works up a sweat. I've been a tabletop gamer since I was 10, and Dungeon Mastered since I was 12.

Also not I'm Iron Man either, but cooler then a thousand batmans, and tougher then a thousand iron mans.

I am awesome, wicked, and totally kickass (This is leftover from the "pick three words to describe yourself" era of OKC, but is equally true today.)
What I’m doing with my life
I work as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach and kickboxing instructor. Currently training heavily in Brazillian Jiu Jiitsu and some Muay Thai, and I have a background in north american kickboxing. I've tried my hand at pro wrestling too, though that is long behind me. I compete at the international level in BBJ and grappling, and I may at some point enter into MMA. Looking to travel to Europe and Japan and some point, all the while trying to enjoy myself and have as much fun as possible.

Also hanging out on OKC occasionally when I'm bored.
I’m really good at
Playing minecraft or dwarf fortress while listening to TED talks, making sarcastic comments, watching anime, surfing the web, designing training programs, Dungeon Mastering (is this a word? It is now), strategy in general.
The first things people usually notice about me
My epic eyebrows. I'm also a fairly built person, but not a meat head or juice monkey by any means, but big enough to stand out in a crowd.

People also tend to notice the fact that I comment on things, often sarcastically, regardless whether or not it is appropriate or politically correct to do so.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - I read a lot of these so here is just a smattering of what I like; HP Lovecraft, Any of the Conan stories by Robert E Howard, Lord of the Rings, Sherlock Holmes, nearly anything by Stephen King, The Wardstone Chronicles, James Clavell's Asian Saga, The Dresden Files, Flashman series, Vlad Taltos Series, The Khaavren Romances, etc. I should also note also I like comics and manga, just in case I wasn't coming across as nerdy enough already.

Movies - Gladiator, They Live, Army of Darkness, Million Dollar Baby, Serenity, Seven Samurai, Rashomon, Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, Fist of Fury, Big Trouble in Little China, Enter the Dragon, Hero, Donnie Darko, The Drunken Master, Space Balls, Young Frankenstien, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predator 2, Terminator, Terminator 2, The Cannonball Run, Dodgeball, Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell, Pincess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Solomon Kane, Star Wars IV V and VI, Kick-ass, I'm a movie fan in general.

TV - I watch very little television, I don't have any sort of cable or satellite. I do try to keep up with Breaking Bad and Vikings online and via netflix though.

Music - Hammerfall, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Rob Zombie, Slipknot, Metallica (pre- St.Anger), Godsmack, Alestorm, Manowar, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, AC/DC and lots more, but you get the idea.

Bonus Level! (Video Games) - Mass Effect 2, Final Fantasy 1-7 and Tactics, Suikoden 1-3 and 5, Dragon Age, Dwarf Fortress, Minecraft, MAG, God Of War 1-3, Baldur's Gate, any Elder Scrolls game, Mario Kart (64 is still the best), Heroes of might and magic 3-5, Fallout, Legend of Zelda (almost all of them), Starcraft, DOOM, Quake, Unreal, RPGs and strategy games in General. This list could fill a book, I'll stop now.

Super amazing awesome bonus level S rank X99 (Anime) - Cowboy Bebop, Gun X Sword, Trigun, Ninja Scroll, Hokuto No Ken, Ghost in the Shell + GitS: SAC, Lucky Star, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Food - Anything not north american, and also poutine. Particularly Sushi, Japanese, Chineese and Indian foods though.
Six things I could never do without
Good Food
Internet Access
Space to workout/train in
The 80s
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Lots of weird things, if you're bored, you should ask sometime, the answer will probably be amusing.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either training clients, teaching a class or doing my own training at my martial arts club till about 8, after which I continue my endless quest to defeat the typical day to day tedium which constantly attempts to intrude on my otherwise awesome life. Otherwise probably playing video games, D&D, or otherwise nerding it up. I typically have clients Saturday morning so my Friday isn't really a Friday, I have Saturday for that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I never licked a lamp-post in winter until I was 27
You should message me if
You are sufficiently geeky to know what most of the things in my profile are

You think a great date (though not necessarily the first one) can consist of playing videogames together, or just hanging out watching movies/anime and eating weird but awesome foods

You think being a pirate is alright to be

You are a geeky female, who is looking for a geeky dude

You think it would be cool to hang out sometime

You are just bored and think I would be amusing to chat with
The two of us