27Madrid, Spain
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My self-summary
After a somewhat long (though necessary) detour that went on for some years, I began to study Political Sciences in Seville (Andalusia, Spain). Before that, I studied a year of Journalism in Madrid, and went to the UK for another year, amongst other things. There are loads of boxes yet unchecked on my to-do list, many subjects that interest me, and that I would like to study further in the near future: philosophy, economics, sociology, history, psychology, science... who knows how, where, and when. Who knows if.

I'm not really a party person; during my free time, I'll be striving to learn new things I'm suddenly (and briefly) passionate about, watching some TV series, or trying to keep in touch with friends. But most of the time I'll probably be procrastinating. I've made and art of it, really.

By the way, it seems my personality fits on a INTX kind of profile (X being a very slight inclination to J).

And since it's never good to exhaust everything from the beginning, we better talk about the rest personally, don't you think? :)
What I’m doing with my life
I plan. That has been my main occupation for ages. And it has worked, in a way. Though I don't always accomplish them, times of crisis help me set new goals for myself.

Right now, I spend most of my time studying for my degree. I also try to improve my english, while in a quest to find/develop a suitable way that could make possible for me to pay myself for my future studies (with not much success, I must say). I always found programming to be quite entertaining, so I might follow that path some day soon.
I’m really good at
...being doomed to be a jack of all trades, and master of none.
The first things people usually notice about me
Oh, God! You're a heartless commie! And a soulless atheist!
Jesus! Get away from my children!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I've always love spanish songwriter's music (Ismael Serrano, Quique González...), and I'm now discovering the english counterpart too, indeed (mostly folk and indie stuff; Gregory Alan Isakov, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, James Vincent McMorrow, Bon Iver, Billy Bragg, Gomez, Mumford & Sons...). I also enjoy some international & spanish pop&rock. I did play the guitar, and even have some studies on it; unfortunately, I don't have time to play anymore. But more importantly, I don't define myself around it anymore.

I mainly read essays and poetry (Neruda, Nazim Hikmet, Bertolt Brecht...); not so many novels.

This year, I started to follow a paleo approach to my diet, and an overall paleo-like lifestyle.
Six things I could never do without
Vital organs
Nervous system

Clearly. Don't you think?

Oh, and irony. I forgot.

I know; it's not clever. Anyhow, I truly don't think there is anything I'd actually need. Maybe some moments of solitude every once in a while, but that's it.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Politics & Socialism
Human fallibility
Future & transhumanism
Next place I'm gonna travel to
How much they do not know
How much I do not know
How much I'd like to learn
How much I procrastinate
How life's extremely short to do and learn everything there is, to experiment, experience all the things I'd like, to observe and be a part of the events that'll shape the future of our societies
On a typical Friday night I am
not out. Though I might be every once in a while. Lately, I have started hosting a dinner in my house with some friends and some paleo-friendly home-made food. My cooking is not that bad, believe me. Well, maybe it is, but I didn't poison anyone (yet) :p.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
To tell you the truth, I didn't took these network engines seriously initially. Besides, I still consider the Internet to be defective about these matters: there is no way of replacing gestures, expressions, voices, modulation; those are important things. But I've realized the questions are not pointless at all, the profiles, and personality bars are actually helpful to define us (or to define how we want to be seen, at the very least). And since it's never an easy task to connect with similar people, it seems reasonable to think we'll both (since you're here too) be able to find worthwhile people to spend those quiet sundays with.

And no, this is probably not the most private thing I'm willing to admit. But, to be honest, nothing comes to mind when I think about that, so I guess, in the right circumstances, there would be no such thing.
You should message me if
...you think we have things to talk about, or in common. Even if you dissagree with me (I usually enjoy that), as long as you can back up your opinions.

...you value straightforwardness, and want to have a conversation with someone who probably is at the other side of the globe.

...you can teach me something or influence me somehow.
The two of us