31 Toronto, Canada
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My self-summary
Hello, I am Jenn... Babs to those close to me.

There are many things I am not and yet to be.
But what I am currently, is a fantastical active, straight shooting, curvy ;) shy but open and " young at heart," creative gal. I am far from perfect, but hope you see past that.

My interests: Dinosaurs, Playing baseball, creating art, antiques, The BBC and Board games... among many other items.

I love to have good people around me, and I have come to know what I like and don't like about people and have a pretty good sense about it.
I am extremely insightful and observant, I love to people watch.

I like various types of music and am very loyal to the bands that I enjoy.
(See below)

Be warned :p
Some say that I am intimidating at first.
If I come across that way… it's actually because I'm shy, and very nervous.

I have slight social anxiety ( working on this, and it's getting better,) and tend to stutter when nervous or around guys, especially rad guys! (so it's a compliment)! that can make me laugh with witty sarcastic humor.

I consider myself an artist of sorts, a swiss army knife of abilities if I say so, I have tried everything or mostly every medium I can get my hands on. Thanks to working in a store that sells art supplies among other things, such as lego and shit ton of gift bags… Sounds fun, right?

I mostly draw and paint now and also have the skills to frame said pieces of work. The most newest-est medium I have played around with has been embroidery! Whaaaaat?!
I also tend to dabble with video games of any sort, I am really good at Capcom vs Marvel and can hold my own in Soul Calibur.
I would kick your ass.
Or possibly let you win.

Hmm I'm just rambling now so I will leave the rest up to messages and what not if you want to know more....
What I’m doing with my life
Have a job that I love which is managing a tattoo shop ( even though it's like looking after 6 of me!) Have great friends around me that are more like family, I wouldn't trade them for the world! Very active with playing softball and being the commissioner of Toronto Kickball. I also have a black and white cat that means the most to me and you would have to impress him to get to me :)

I am also in the midst of creating masterpieces of battling mechanical dinosaurs! You can find my items here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stroke-of-Genus/1524226974500798, I can do commissions if there is a certain dinosaur the tickles your fancy!

Other than that I am typically out with friends, wondering around, searching for oddities/antiques, creating, playing baseball/softball/kickball or the new thing of experimenting with cooking and making everything from scratch!

My life goal is to own some goats and also become a falconer and to learn archery, so I can do both items on horse back... it will be epic..... I know how slim the chances are but its a neat thought..... Or be the best paleoartist I can be!
I’m really good at
- Being honest, sometimes brutally
- Talking about dinosaurs
- Mario kart
- Pitching & hitting fast balls
- Kickball
- Being friends with animals
- Art
- Bowling
- Sensing people's bullshit

The first things people usually notice about me
Probably the most likely, eyes, tattoos and hair and sarcasm
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - Scientific facts about Dinosaurs, old fashion illustrations, Darwin, Bukowski, Austen.

Movies - Pretty much anything from Wes Anderson, Herzog, Marvel, Frank, World War docs and Documentaries in general, to Predator, and so on and so forth.

Shows- LETTERKENNY! Sherlock, Doctor Who, Drunk History, Peaky Blinders, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Through the Thick of it, mainly BBC, Dead like me, Penny Dreadful, Cosmos, Six Feet Under, True Detective, also anything to do with war history, Anthony Bourdain, and dinosaurs... I also spend way too much time pissing myself laughing at this show https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5ANkBehuDM.

Food - I am not that picky, but I try to limit my meat in take due to the cruel reality that is factory farms, however I am not a vegetarian.

Music: Currently a lot of this guy - http://youtu.be/di0aCbIoo3c & this guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD72LbIk02M

Then there are these guys - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lr2lAsLUGbM&feature=related

I love a lot of music, but what makes the play list currently is: The Appleseed Cast, Austra, Bach, Bars of Gold, BEAR VS SHARK, Beethoven, Between the Buried and me, Biblical, Bronx, Buried Inside, Cave In, Clutch, The Constantines, Cursive, Damien Rice, Drive Like Jehu, Drowning Man, Engine Down, Explosions in the sky, Fever Ray, Glassjaw, Godspeed you Black Emperor!, GRADE, Great Lake Swimmers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Hope Conspiracy, Hot Water Music, Isis, Leon Bridges, Local Natives, Lord Huron, Lucero, Lucian Blake, Madeon, Old Man Gloom, Patrick Watson, The Picturebooks Refused, Russian Circles, Shakey Graves, Sigur Ros, Shotmaker, Snapcase, Tom Petty, The Gorgeous, Zozobra... Just to name a few, since my previous list was much larger and taking up space!
The six things I could never do without
- Dinosaurs/animals
- Baseball/Softball & Kickball
- Imagination & creativity
- Bodies of water
- Music and driving down an open road
- A physical and mental connection with someone, which I'm currently lacking :(
- my current group of friends, yes that's seven!
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Who - Doctor?
What - Would it be like if dinosaurs still existed?
Where - Am I going to go when I die?
When - Will Natural selection come back into play for humans? ( I think Pokemon Go is it.)
Why - is it so hard to find a decent cuddling companion?
How - minutely small we are in this vast universe ( thanks in partial to Cosmos.)
On a typical Friday night I am
Yes I know that love is like ghosts
Oh, few have seen it, but everybody talks
Spirits follow everywhere I go
Oh they sing all day and they haunt me in the night
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I secretly judge all guys and compare them to the awesomeness that is Wayne from Letterkenny.

And I hate this site, but it makes for great Instagram posts
You should message me if
This whole dating thing and everyone out for themselves, isn't fun for me anymore, so please change my mind! First and foremost, don't waste my time, if you're afraid or unable to commit to something beyond yourself and being selfish. I'm not looking for hook ups or experiments or even marriage, just a natural progression of something that may reflect companionship in the end.

If you enjoy baseball and want to throw/whip a ball around at a park, or watch a game either at the Dome or at a bar and get yelly! I even like football! Always down for batting cages as well!

You can deal with my major lady boner for Josh Donaldson ( Jays) and Thomas Rawls ( Seahawks,) and also watching and ranting about MLB and NFL

If you want to walk aimlessly around the city either under the influence of something or completely sober

Check out a live show or partake in karaoke

Make our own versions of Drunk History

Road trip anywhere to go antiquing

I'm looking towards living a better lifestyle health wise, so if you're as well and can inspire me to keep going!

Want to join Toronto Kickball and meet some great people!