32Quezon City, Philippines
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My self-summary
Im... Im...Im hahaha I freaking hate this section where you have to sum up your qualities as a person. Where does getting to know each other go? Well okay just to give you an idea about my qualities - uhmm my qualities lie in both extreme ends. What I mean is I could be the kindest but also could be the ruthless. I could be the worst but I could also be the best. Mediocrity is not my way of life whether attitude, goals or for doing things. Sorry this is not your usual "Im sweet, thoughful, caring and all the blah blah that goes with it" self summary. Im pretty much straight to the point type of a person. Im a business minded young woman also but I do know how to have clean fun. Business is business, play is play. Im very serious when Im in the work place to the point of people calling me "Simeona Cowella" or being in the Devil wears Abercrombie sort of drama. But outside my workplace, Im crazy as everyone else. Im childish but not to the extent of being immature. Im spoiled sometimes but not a brat. I could be strict but Im not cruel. I could be boring and could be interesting. Depends whom Im with. I could be bland, could be eccentric, could be weird, stubborn, etc etc. Now I think I just said everything that enough to turn off people haha. Well despite of my negative side I believe Im responsible, compassionate (naks! thats true) and well I do know how to stand up alone whenever I fall (literally and figuratively).

2013 to do's (deleted my goals last year as I have already did most of them)

1. Watch the sunrise in Angkor Wat. I love sunrise. It brings hope.
2. Have a photo op hugging a tiger or riding an elephant. For Facebook profile pic ;)
3. Ride a hot air baloon.
4. Fly an ultralight aircraft. Hardcore bad ass, baby! ;)
5. Learn a new language or two.
6. Publish a book and resign from my current job
7. Buy a rest house in Tagaytay
8. Visit at least 5 new countries
9. Conquer all my fears and that includes # 10
10. Fall in love seriously? Lol. I'm not looking to get married this year, not in the near future. But hopefully I will conquer my fear of commitment
What I’m doing with my life
I work as an operations manager for our company (British-owned) - and trying to divide my attention between branches. I also work as an account manager/ campaigns analyst for our American clients and make sure their clients are happy all the time. Happy is my code name for $$$. It is a tough job because I work with Western people 90% of the time and being the only female among hordes of men has a disadvantage sometimes. Needless to say that I am the youngest too and the only Asian :)

I also love to travel. It is my ultimate escape from the demands of life. Im planning to do my first solo trip abroad next year. Im planning to visit Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand via land travels. This will be my first backpacking trip also. I want to experience the hostels accomodation, riding local transpo on your own, transferring one border to another - all the challenges that backpacking brings :)
I’m really good at
doing nothing? no, writing and business (?)

Being unpredictable. Hey I'm a lady so I suppose I'm entitled for that! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
the stressed look in my face :) Aint obvious that Im workaholic?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books - anything. I read books from romance paperbacks (Sparks, Steele, MC and a couple of local writer friends) to Gothic (Meyer) to suspense thriller (Ludlum, Grisham, Sheldon). From business ethics books (F. Kong, Kiyosaki, C. Tan) , leadership and marketing to Bible. From computer books, biographies to self help books. My list is long, do not ask me :)

Movies - my taste is erratic. But my movie choices usually revolve around romantic comedy, action and feel good dramas. No horror please. Especially Asian horror. I don't get scared easily (really!) but since I have watched a Thai horror movie called "The Shutter", man I have been paranoid for 2 weeks!

Shows - because of my hectic and erratic schedule, it is hard for me to actually have a favorite show. I just watch whatever I find interesting at the moment. But aside from Travel and Living shows, I am usually hooked with comedy shows.

Music - Again, my music preference is a bit erratic but I like rock and acoustic best. I am not much of a pop music fan but I do appreciate them. I've been a fan of Irish music since I was 10.

Food - Filipino, Italian, American and Irish. Big no-no to Indian and some Chinese cuisine.
Six things I could never do without
people i love, books, alexander umberto - my gay ipad, emporio vaia - my gay laptop, my camera and my atm (for some it is credit card but i dont like borrowing money in any form :) )
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Here you go....

-Where is that hopeless place that Rihanna is saying?
-What is Victoria's secret?
-If you believe in Darwin's theory of evolution, at which point did you stop evolving? Defend your answer!
-How Dora Explorer related to Internet Explorer?
-If a cockroach falls to a water with sanitary soap, what is more likely to happen? The water will be dirty or the cockroach will be germ free? Please explain!

Here's more...

-Who took a bite in the Apple logo? And why he didn't finish it and eat the entire apple?
-Which one is larger? Charice' jaw or Nicki Minaj' butt?
-How can Wolverine pick his nose?
On a typical Friday night I am
working still!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
These are too obvious in the first hour of meeting me but I'll say it here anyway. I dont wear jewelries and make up. Not even in special occasions.

I also know nothing in house chores. I dont cook, I dont clean the house, I dont do the dishes and neither I dont do the laundry. So if you're like the guy whom I dated the last time, please do not expect me to participate in cleaning or cooking contest. You'll definitely win. And no I dont live in a dungeon or eat from trash, my mother would not allow any of her children to stink or eat like a pauper :) Yes, I still live with my parents and their only child to still do so. But I'm not dependent contrary to some of you might think. I earn my own money and blessed enough to have cool parents to allow me to do what I want and support me in every decision I make. I think it is unfair to attribute laziness and dependency in someone's decision to live with their parents. I lived for 5 years in the city for college and early pursuits in the corporate ladder and proved that I can live alone. My ignorance with house chores is not a result of laziness. I just let my money to work for me. I think it is only fair to ask someone to prepare my breakfast if I worked for straight 16 hours right?

I guess I'm a bit defensive on this update. But the last date I had really left a bitter taste for my memory. He made it sound that living with your parents is a crime. And that I am a rotten spoiled brat :)
You should message me if
You feel like you can cope with my mood swings :) And you are not married or in a relationship right now. Let's be honest here, people go here to find that "someone" for them. And stepping in someone else' shoes is not my cup of tea. Men who are married and go to dating sites is beyond me. Thank you :)

Also I just want to add - if you're going to offer to pay for my studies, you can go to hell and rot there for all I care. I believe this is a dating site and not a charity site. So offer your over-flowing money to someone else. Not every girl from a third world country needs it. Thank you very much! ;)
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