33Burlington, United States
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My self-summary
I really enjoy being in the moment, and can sometimes get lost in it. I'm intelligent, empathetic, and clever. I tend to know just enough about everything to be annoying, and am naturally at least above average at everything I try.
All that being said, I'm interested in psychology, and will eventually get my bachelors in it, I'm something like a semester and a half away just... haven't really found the time or money to go back and finish it. I went to UVM for 2 years for psych, with a women's studies minor, then went to Burlington College for 2 more years for psych. My area of interest is childhood development, and how child-directed speech changes the way a child develops gender roles.
I'm also a gamer, sci fi nerd, great with computers, both software and hardware, knowledgeable about general mechanics, capable of creating things to fix problems in my life (such as the desk this laptop is sitting on, I built it... it's not pretty but it is 100% perfect for me, perfect height, size, shape, everything).
What I’m doing with my life
I'm just trying to enjoy my life now, while I'm still young and stupid. Haha. I've come to realize that money is just a game that we've all been playing so long that we don't realize we're playing a game anymore. I try to make enough money to survive and not struggle, to be able to do what I want to do without having to worry if my electricity is gonna be on when I get home, but at the same time I don't try to maintain an excess of money and very rarely is it a consideration. So for anyone who has no idea what I just said... I'm broke but I'm happy.
I’m really good at
Everything I put my mind to. If I want to be good at something I'll find a way to be good at it in a completely unique way.
The first things people usually notice about me
Physically would probably be my eyes. My pictures don't do them justice, none ever do but they're a very nice shade of blue, and they've often been described as piercing.
Otherwise I'm always extremely confident in everything.
Oh, and I'm also one of the few people who can maintain eye contact with a woman without my eyes slowly inching their way down. Then again I'm taller then most women, so if I angle myself correctly it's the best of both worlds!
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm 100% illiterate. I have a monkey that does my typing for me. Also I speak monkey, so he can translate to me. They're more intelligent then people give them credit for. But in all seriousness I'm not really a fan of reading, long story.
Movies, I like sci fi and comedy, as well as the occasional chick flick. I don't watch many movies because a couple hours feels rushed to me, hard to really develop strong feelings for a character in such a short amount of time, so more of a TV show kind of guy.
TV is much the same way, Sci fi and comedy mostly. Farscape is my favorite TV show of all time. I'm really into Star Trek, DS9 > Enterprise > TNG > Voyager > TOS. All 3 Stargate series were amazing, I would argue Universe was actually the best. Game of Thrones of course, Supernatural, and since I have a lot of free time at my job, just something I can watch in the background is always appreciated.
Music is something that's sacred to me. It's helped shape me into what I am, and I really like who I am. I am practically obsessed with Tori Amos... if I've messaged you or you've messaged me, and I haven't mentioned Tori... I'd be surprised. I also like Cat Power, Rainer Maria, One Candle Power, Caithlin Demarrais, and a bunch of other bands you haven't heard of before. For more mainstream stuff I like Evanescence and Jewel... my friends say I listen to angry lesbian music, they're not wrong.
I've also been getting deeper into the metal scene over the past few years, but I really prefer female singers. If I wanted to hear some guy yelling at me, I'd just buy a webcam (not really). I'm more into symphonic metal, such as Epica, and Leaves Eyes.
Food: I'm a vegetarian, I eat eggs and dairy, but I eat nothing that was once a critter. I like critters.
Six things I could never do without
I'm going to answer this in a non orthodox way, because I don't believe there are six material things I couldn't live without, and that seems to be how everyone answers it. (OMG Facebook like lol, yeah no).

I couldn't live without... in no special order:
Self Improvement
I spend a lot of time thinking about
how I'm still mad at your mom for this rash.

Not really, I just didn't really have anything good to put here because my mind tends to wander a bit. It's like wikipedia in here.
On a typical Friday night I am
On fire.

Actually I guess that's wrong, just that one time... I'm a gamer, what do you think I do on a Friday night? Last few Fridays I've been playing Mass Effect 3 with friends, this Friday I'll probably be trying to learn how to transition from a long time Terran player to a Zerg player... props to you if you have any idea what I'm talking about.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not really one for secrets... I'll generally tell anyone anything. If people don't like me oh no... I only have 6.5 billion more people to chose from, the horror!
You should message me if
you can keep up
The two of us