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My self-summary
If you've no patience for long description, here's a summary of this chap in one sentence: A corporate warrior who chases after deals during the day and a try-athlete who squeezes every ounce of energy left of him after a tiring day of work trough running, cycling and swimming.

For those who have more than a few seconds of attention span, can read on:

This creature runs, cycles, swims, treks, hikes, dives, does yoga, explores hidden food gems and talks to strangers from all walks of life during his free time. He rarely watches TV or visits the cinemas.

A lot of people ask me if any of the holidays doesn't involve physically-intensive activities. Yes, some of my holidays are pure sight-seeing (nice beaches). Being in the real estate line, the last thing I would like to see is another concrete jungle during my free time. Yes, most of my overseas trips are physically intensive and a justification to eat the local food the entire day (Yes, is entire day! My friends and I will eat almost every hour the day before and after the trek/ marathon). It is all relative. To some people running 10km is a killer, to me is just a form of relaxation and reflection.

Even though I enjoy pushing myself beyond the comfort zone, I also make silly mistakes like pushing the door with the label 'Pull' or boarding the bus in the wrong direction. As a strong believer of substance over form, I can't be bothered over stuffs like differentiating between a sorbet spoon, soup spoon or pasta spoon. As long as it is a spoon that puts food into my mouth, I'm happy with it. Call it low class class and I simply don't care. Who I eat with is more important than the food and it can be as simple as a McDonald's happy meal.

Life isn't perfect, neither is this creature. You probably spotted a few grammatical errors. Life isn't about being the perfect person, or making perfect choices. Life is about giving your best, getting the best out it and enjoy the journey.

*I'm not on A-list so I won't be able to see who likes me. Message me if you want to find out more.
What I’m doing with my life
Adding colors to life. Venturing to new places, meeting new people and gaining new experiences.
I’m really good at
Running, trekking, finance, filling up your time with lame jokes and hopefully making a difference in your day
The first things people usually notice about me
Different people have different impressions of me. Most common question that people ask is "Are you local?"
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Movies: Dead Poets Society, The Dark Knight, The Joy Luck Club, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, The Warring States
Food: Nice cheesecake, pasta, Korean food
Books: Mostly non-fiction
Six things I could never do without
1. Goals. Living life without goals is a waste of heartbeats. The biggest difference between a leasehold property and a human is a property might have its lease tenure extended by authorities when the lease is expiring while human don't have that option until someone found that fountain of youth. So make it count!

2. Good sleep to recover from an exciting adventure. It is a thin line between living life to the fullest and burning out, so rest enough to seize the day. Second, I rather sleep than club. Having said that, if you intend to set up a disco club with a unique concept targeted at socialites, I would be keen to be an investment partner and collect returns while I sleep.

3. Exercise to maintain a minimum fitness to complete a marathon and a mountain. Don't expect me to live life as follow: work, eat, sleep, shop, watch drama/ cinema, drink/ club like no tomorrow. Lots of people do that but doesn't mean I've to do the same.

4. A decent handphone that tells time, call out/in and internet access)

5. Passport (to escape from this concrete jungle as and when I like)

6. Good conversation with good people (Are you one of them?)

7. Coffee. I'm in a committed relationship with coffee. She perks me up every morning. Tea is still my friend. I catch up with tea every now and then. Camomile tea never fails to calm me down, much like your best friend listens to your grumbles.

Opps.....is more than 6. Does it matter? I don't live life by restrictions. Rules are meant to be broken.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1. Why do vampires suck human blood and not other animal blood? Does human blood taste better?

2. Why does people working in CBD wear long-sleeves shirt and suffocate themselves with a tie and suit under Singapore's hot weather.

3. Why some mums like to ask people whether their baby is cute? What if I tell them they're not cute and I find their question very cute?

4. Why people like to end their messages with "Hahaha"? Is it really funny? What if it is a serious joke? I prefer smiley faces than "Hahaha"

5. Why do people go crazy over Korean celebrities? From Japanese, Taiwanese to Korean. When will foreigners go crazy over Singaporean celebrities?

6. Why do some guys like to wear belt with with a huge branded buckle? Isn't it uncomfortable? Does it mean whatever that's hiding beneath is equally branded?

7. Why would people queue up to pay high prices for a mixture of vegetables, commonly known as salad?

8. Who is reading this lame profile? Am I thinking too much? Maybe you could change my mind to think of you.

9. What's my next challenge? Mundane and common is not in my list.
On a typical Friday night I am
Random creature, that morphs into anything apart from a corporate slave. Enjoying good food & drinks with good people and having a good rest.

Every Friday is atypical and why must it only be Friday? We can be high everyday. Life is a stage, act on it!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I have a secret station behind a cave. When night falls, I don a black mask and cloak and kick some ass.

If you are lucky, during a full moon, you will see a silhouette of dark knight rising on a helium balloon ( Helium Ballon is Singapore's version of Batman's aircraft. I know it is lame)

If you don't know what am I talking about, you should watch "The Dark Knight Rises". Did I say I rarely watch movies? This is one of the few movies I watched.

Anything that is disclosed publicly, it is no longer private. This is a lame question.
You should message me if
- you like to travel to unknown places, explore new food and take up challenges (definitely not for the faint-hearted)
- you think it is worth your time reading this uncompleted profile
- you have more to say apart from "Hi!", "Can we be friends?"
- you want to find out whether the helium balloon can lift two persons
- you are a sporty person or an adrenaline junkie
- you enjoy single malt whiskey (telling an interesting story over whiskey is a bonus)
- driven and ambituous
The two of us