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Tests they’ve written

  • The Past-Future Test. The Past-Future Test. image

    Which past-future gadget are you?

    Taken 1,471 times total. Taken 0 times in the last 24 hours.
    Ranked #6,983 overall. Ranked #21,212 in the last 24 hours.

Tests they’ve taken (60)

Test Their result Your result
The Dating Persona Test The Poolboy (RGSD) Take it!
The Death Test Dead at 79 Take it!
The Slut Test 51% slut Take it!
The Politics Test Strong Democrat Take it!
The Virgin Game 47% Accuracy (highest: 47, average: 47) Take it!
The Gaydar Test 70% Accuracy (highest: 70, average: 70) Take it!
The Oh Crap...I knew that Test just a bit dumb Take it!
The Famous Freak Test FREAK SHOW PERFORMER Take it!
Body knowledge test Intern Take it!
The Super Genius Test Ultimate Super Genius Take it!
The IQ test Genius! Take it!
The Commonly Confused Words Test English Genius Take it!
The Past-Future Test. You Scored Take it!
Are we ment to be? Lovetest. Lets get married. Take it!
The Badass Secret Agent test? Korban Dallas Take it!
The Obscure knowledge test. The Skydiver Take it!
Psychology-101 Sexual Knowledge Test 80% Informed! Take it!
A one-question test meant to stimulate your mind. Take it!
Could You Win The National Spelling Bee Test National Spelling Bee Champion Take it!
The Do You Kick-Ass According to Ashley Test You two would get along pretty well Take it!
The Lover Style Profile Test The Devoted Lover Take it!
The Could you be an ethical polyamorist Test 93 % Variable #1 Take it!
The 80s & early 90s kids shows Test 28 out of 33! - 80s child! - Denver Take it!
The would i lose my virginity to you Test 96 % Variable #1 - I am your rookie Take it!
The Could You Rock My Socks? Test - % Take it!
The Are You Qualified for the Position (males only) Test 94 % values, 96 % intellect, 59 % sense Take it!
The Damn Near Impossible Test Frustrated Take it!
The Hans Moleman Test Moleman Expert Take it!
The Which Blackadder Character R U Test 81 Blackadder character attributes Take it!
The Red Dwarf Fanaticist Test 40 obsessiveness Take it!
The When Will FOX Cancel You? Test 5 Seasons Take it!
The Beautiful Faces Test Jessica Biel Take it!
The Ultimate Futurama Trivia Test 98% Knowledge - Evil Brain Take it!
The Futurama Trivia Test Love Machine Take it!
The Firefly / Serenity Test 92% - BRILLIANT!!! Take it!
The Non-lame Zombie Survival Test 72 survivability, 56 kickass-ability Take it!
The Which Kind of Primate Are You Test Ape! Take it!
The What is Your Type Cast? Test The Star Take it!
The Calvin Or Hobbes Test 40% calvin, 60% hobbes Take it!
The Who Are You Really Test 24 Superficial, 88 Real Take it!
The How funny are you Test 24 - Funny as a sunburn Take it!
The 80's Cartoon Trivia Test 65 Retro-ness Take it!
The Trick Questions Test 70% - Savvy Take it!
The 6 Days on Terror Island Test Lost! and $80,000 Take it!
The What Kind of Sex I Should Have Test Take it!
The Sexuality Personality Test -2 I vs. E, -4 S vs. N, 43 T vs. F and 1 Take it!
The 7 Deadly Sins Test 16 Pride, 55 Wrath/Lust, 27 Gluttony/ Take it!
The Common Myths Test 3/20 Not Very Gullible Take it!
The how fuckable are you? Test 73% - " The good fuck" Take it!
The Adjective Thesaurus Test 75 Verbosity Take it!
The Win Brownie Points Test 78% - Mucho Brownie Take it!
The Very Special Clone High Test NULL Take it!
The Fuck me that's a film quote! Test NULL Take it!
The ULTIMATE Princess Bride Test 88% - Westley Take it!
The Are You a Gentleman Test NULL Take it!
The Are you a good Kisser Test 86% - The tempter Take it!
The "Perfect" Man For Me Test Take it!
The Cuddlability Test 18 - Heavenly Cloud Take it!
The Could You Give Me an Orgasm? Test 81% - Hot for Teacher Take it!