32Las Vegas, United States
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My self-summary
I'm Josh, friends call me Yoshi (long story). I am career oriented, work hard, and play hard type. Others have describe me as a "workaholic". I currently manage to juggle two jobs... AV Guyz inc., VER as an audio engineer. I have a very active lifestyle, almost restless. I try not to stay home, except of course movie nights. Hobbies include bowlin, surfing, downhill mountain biking, paintballing, working out, cars, and shopping. That's right, shopping, shopping is fun. I also own a few exotic pets. Well that's a quick summary of myself...

I am tirelessly outgoing, spontaneously random, and bluntly honest
What I’m doing with my life
I just moved and purchased a house in Las Vegas. As of right now, I am reestablishing my custom home theater / automotive business. Things are not easy but you have to living life to the fullest and learning new things everyday.
I’m really good at
Electronics, Cars, Home theater, video games (fps) and old classic side scroller games such as Contra or Mario, talking my way out of a ticket

But i also enjoy shopping and dancing (notice I say enjoy dancing, I don't really know if i'm any good at it, but i do enjoy it)

Mentally I excel in the sciences and math (sadly I hate math but I am blesses with it because I'm Asian :P ) sadly, I am a horrible speller but not shameful to admit it. It is one of my flaws. :/

anything I put my mind too really...

Sports wise, I excel in paintball, bowling, pool, body surfing, mountain biking and the occasional parkour (free running) here and there....
The first things people usually notice about me
My chinky eyes??
I look young??
Sense of humor?

You tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Not much of a book reader, not novels atleast..

Pretty much any movie really. I work for the movie industry so enjoy most of them.

Music wise. I'm quite diverse. Trust me when i say "I listen to everything" I appreciate a wide spectum of tunes. That includes, polka, industrial, Romanian, Russian, German, latin, rock, metal, hip hop, rap, and techno...etc.

Anything really (as long as it's not spicy ) but I really like sushi that and my strawberry boba!!! They are quite palatable. :)
Six things I could never do without
Cars. (96 toyota supra, 00 toyota celia gts, 08 nissan 350z nismo)
Social interactions.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
How to intensify my work out and keep myself motivated.
How random things work.
Why things are the way they are.
How to gain weight

Why I can't seem to find the right woman.
Does this site really work because it hasnt for me. :/
On a typical Friday night I am
I dont really have "typical" friday night... I try to keep things interesting and different... or simply just working out either at home or at the gym..
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I bite... maybe nibble... :P haha

But on a more serious note...

Im tired of getting hurt. I hate that feeling and im pretty sure everyone does.

I am a very honest person. If anything, I'm too honest. I am working on the "brain/mouth filter" because I tend to say whatever is on my mind. It can be a good thing, but then again it can a bad thing and thus work against me.

And one more thing. I try to remember things. I really do. But sometimes I forget little details and/or repeat questions I have already asked. Like for example, sometimes I forget where i park my car and such. These memory "glitches" happens rarely, but it does happens. I'm just putting it out there because that's who i am.

Other than that, ask me anything. Like mentioned, I am very honest. :)
You should message me if
you wish to... I have no control if you do or not.
If you think we would get along.
If we have the same interest,
or just want to have a new friend.

And please, feel free to ask me anything. I am an open book.

The two of us