38Philadelphia, United States
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My self-summary
I'm an energetic outgoing person who is looking for someone to banter with. I like all the things: watching sports, movies, traveling, live music, the beach, and etc... but I have my own special spin on things because I'm singularly unique like a snowflake. Now I'm looking for a lady with a few common interests and an interesting point of view to compliment my snowflakeness. Maybe our snowflake crystals will weave together in a cutesy way. Yes, I realize that on a long enough timeline there will be two identical snowflakes but on that same long timeline you'd realize that you should have just smirked at the whimsical part and moved on reading my profile rather than dwelling on the bad science.
What I’m doing with my life
After I finished grad school, I moved to Philly to further my career. After living in DC for 10 years it was a bit of an adjustment, but I've been here 3 years now and I've figured out how to have some fun. Moving into Center City really helped and I have a new appreciation of Philly now that I'm in the mix. The 5 minute walking commute also helps. I work for a little consulting company right around the corner, where I manage a small team. They complete me even when our clients are being annoying as shit.
I’m really good at
I used to think it was my ability to love things that are so far apart on everyone else's spectrum, but I've realized that this is the effect and the causes are my greatest strengths:

I'm really good at saying yes, and seeing how things connect
The first things people usually notice about me
My mouth. Usually its running. Sometimes it forms a lovely smile that will melt your heart.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
In the past year I've really become a movie aficionado, and I apparently think so highly of my own opinion that I will now present my favorites as awards:

Best Movie of 2010: 127 Hours
Best Movie of 2011: 50/50
Best Movie of 2012: Zero Dark Thirty*

Best Cyberpunk Movie: The Matrix
Best Talking Animal Movie: Babe
Best Vampire Movie: Let the Right One In
Best Claymation Movie: Mary & Max
Best Zombie Movie: 28 Days Later**
Best Revenge Movie: Oldboy
Best Spelunking Movie: The Descent
Best Noodle-driven Drama: Castaway on the Moon
Best Racing Movie: Children of Heaven
Best Baby-snatching Movie: Tsotsi (take THAT Raising Arizona)
Best Time Travel Movie: Safety Not Guaranteed
Best Halle Berry Movie: Cloud Atlas
Best Movie Involving Lepers: Happy
Best Elk Hunting Movie: Hanna
Best Sexting Movie: Disconnect

I worked at a Vietnamese restaurant in undergrad and learned to love asian food. I think Pho Ha is the best pho place in the city, but I have not tried 100% of them so my quest continues. I also like subs. They're not associated with asian cousine but they do rock the banh mi. So there ya go. My favorite restaurant right now is a.kitchen, where they sell neither azn food or subs...

I worked for a concert venue for awhile and learned to love all kinds of live music. Lately I've been listening to EDM, but don't worry, I know you like something reasonable like Mumford or xx. You don't have to listen to Kill the Noise with me, just like I don't expect you to watch UFC or horror movies. It'll be entertaining when your friends are like "eww your boyfriend likes that stuff?" and you'll give them the snowflake bit from my opening paragraph.

TV: I don't like Mad Men. I feel comfortable saying this only because this is relatively anonymous, and I don't have to fear violent retribution. I do however love Breaking Bad (did you catch "Bonfire" by Knife Party during the scene where Walt and Jr. buy new cars?) and Walking Dead. Game of Thrones is awesome and I'm only on this site because Emilia Clarke doesn't return my phone calls. Top Chef, Project Runway, Always Sunny, Dual Survival, and the Daily Show are other favorites.

* If we're talking about best scene, though, let's be mature about this and recognize that the Cabin in the Woods "Code Black" circular saw robot scorpion attack in the stairwell (oops SPOILERS) is the best movie moment of '12.

** I accept fast-moving virus-mad cannibals as acceptable in modern definition of the word zombie. The Constitution is constantly being reinterpreted, so why not the zombie horror subgenre?
Six things I could never do without
Gummi Candies
My personal pride
High pressure showerhead
Constant entertainment
High fives
I spend a lot of time thinking about
what other people are thinking about. Seriously people wtf? Explain yourselves!
On a typical Friday night I am
If I'm not traveling to visit friends or family elsewhere, I'm at a happy hour. After this happy hour, I go to a show, or watch at movie on Netflix, or triple question mark.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I got so used to listening to certain podcasts (You Made It Weird, The Film Vault, Doug Loves Movies, How Did This Get Made?) that I will talk back to podcasters like they're my friends. I hope when this happens on the streets people assume I'm on the phone talking hands free.

I also own, and enjoy, the Dolph Lundgren opus Masters of the Universe. An old roommate caught me watching it with Director's Commentary one hungover morning and I'm not sure our friendship has ever been the same.
You should message me if
You're comfortable in your skin, you're interesting, you like meeting interesting people, and/or whatever else.
The two of us