45Eugene, United States
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My self-summary
Hi ~

I couldn't be happier these days now that the whole world's awake to the necessity of treating eachother and the planet/biosphere well!
To honoring, respecting, comforting, enjoying, and loving eachother well in all bright, great, good humored ways.
That the world is playing, playful, laughing, loving, pleasant, pleasurable, forloving, positive, vibrant, clean & clear, enthusiastic, turned on well, tuned in well, excited/exciting, interesting, lighthearted, uplifting, easeful going, shimmering, with greatness; goodness of the heart - positively proactively motivated/involved/participatory/accomplished, and prospering abundantly well per the beautiful well being of all entities; the world!
Recognizing love is the lesson, life is the school! Love is the Law :)
What I’m doing with my life
Keeping the Wellness & Beauty/Aesthetic Within Life Alive & Well.
Finishing My Degree.
Career/Business/Employment Endeavors.
Buying and/or Building my Dream Home Space/Place. Interested in yurts, stylish houseboats, and lavish beautiful eco estates :)
Socializing Well.
Loving & Living Well.
I’m really good at
Excellent exciting adrenaline, energetic, kinetic events & activities well balanced; enjoyable, passionately - compassionately reasonable.

Finding what another optimally ultimately needs, wants, and desires reasonably, compassionately, and passionately so - and getting it for them well, or having them get it for themselves well, matchmaking!

Ensemble Collaboration in life in all good ways - personal, private, professional, public. In regards to intimate relationships, I have experienced just monogamous relationships so far. I have read about fidelous polyamorous relationships from: meetup.com, their wikipedia link, a modern magazine?, and Current TV showcased polyamorous relationships - they seem like the height of love shared harmoniously well among a group. Love is love after all!
I have always viewed love as occuring between two gooly lifelong - for a lifetime & having a lifelong close set of good friends to share life with well. Seems that one meets others in life who are soul mate really good friends - then perhaps all or some meet their sole soul mate in life also! There are approx. 6.5 billion individuals on this planet - so the odds are excellent for meeting good groups of individuals to pal around with and to meet that one certain someone also! Takes time to get to know that certain someone as a friend and then intimately most often it seems - with good values and morals - integrity & diginity etc :)!

Thanks! :)
The first things people usually notice about me
Positive attitude - interesting, engaging, exciting conversation/interactivity - a more medium weight, more attractive, w/ great/good substance & depth.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Eat, Love, Pray.

Jules Verne.

Vonnegut Jr.

Be Here Now.

Great Humored anecdotes!

Props to Virginia Woolf, Margaret Thatcher Hellen Mirren, Judy Dench, Cloris Leachman, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, Dolly Parton, Betty White and such in there own rights respectively and respectfully; respectably!

Many comedians.

The whole Chris Angel, David Blaine, and even David Copperfield movements are interesting.

What The Bleep Do You Know.
Pay It Forward.
The Butterfly Effect.
Time Bandits.
Addicted To Plastics.
Silver City.
Cohen Brothers - Brother Where Art Thou
Ridley Scott - Kingdom of Heaven
Ang Lee - Hulk
Ray Bradbury
Sandler - Zohan
Top Gun
Kahlil Gilbran
Antiques Road Show

Always liked - Bowie, Lauper, Prince, Boy George, George Micheal, Huey Lewis and the News(I want a new drug), Chris Isacc, Bobby Mcferrin, Peter Gabriel, Lennon(Imagine), and Sting.

Like - inspirational proactive positively motivating beautiful spiritual music - wellness vibration; frequency sound - energy, with good momentum that's positively energetic matter of factly.

Gypsy Raga Jazz. Uplifting inspiring smart enjoyable pleasant pleasing light love filled sound/vibration; senses.

Like - Foods gleened from the Source, yet not the source itself.

Vegan & lacto ovo vegetarian food - fresh, sustainable, local - native and friendly to the region - wholesome, healthy, happy, organic, completely & totally excellently nutritious delectable cuisine of perfecting time, temperature, taste, and texture.
Six things I could never do without
Eco billionaires eco celebrities
Good sports, jokers, funning and punning around pleasantly.
Well Being; Exquisite Happiness; Great/Good Humor Always!
Loving & Living Well ~ Better, Healthy, Wealthy - Prosperously, Excellent currency Within Life.
Good Mannerisms, ettiquette
Integrated Model Communities Non Violent Communication/Interactions Flat Line Leadership
I spend a lot of time thinking about
That Trillions/Billionaires run this world & Hollywood Elites - Cheers to their popularizing and making available the ecological aesthetically pleasing functional constructive productive well being of humanity, the environment & celestials together as one. The good phenomenon of a woman has the instant strength to lift a vehicle off her child - the positive acceleration of adrenaline, endorphines etc. How amazing it is that we see in our environment what we want - like a new car - a car we hardly notice in our environment until we're interested in that certain car then - boom - we see this car everywhere in our environment. That our brain cell's as adults keep growing well - rejuvenating, regenerating, renewing as adults esp. Ozone well being, atmosphere well being, the well being of our electromagnetic fields, biosphere well being, overall gaia well being, sustainable computing to help keep the well being of these; of the Earth and space and to divert space matter asteroids, meteors from our planet, knowing and caring for, communig communicating with our sun better too with the help of sustainable computing. Cosmology, astroquantum physics/molecularity, chemistry, frequency vibration embedment, nano tacnology. Nourishing, nurturing, productive, constructive, functional, providing, protecting, guiding, growing, learning well sustainably. Hugging, snuggling, cuddling, nuzzling, smiling, good quality affection, good quality attention, attractions. Interested in ~ quantum molecular chemistry physics, knowing, understanding having, keeping differentiations, filters, guards, safeties, filters, fronts, non harming ninja jedi warrior savvy, time travel, the speed of light, sustainable computing, awareness, consciousness, conscientiousness, pure sourcing, mechanics, TM meditation, loving, valuable, inspiring, wealthfully prosperous-great-good-loving-active-smart-proactive-beautiful-wellness keeping- light~heat~energy sourcing, source, meditation, spiritual, or energetic beings, as well as material human beings - great good variations thereof. Those good humored, good natured entities; lifeforms in energy and matter that love respect and treat themselves and others well, entities and life forms that keep my energy and matter relaxation to excitation cycling wellbeing; wellness, health, healing, happiness and success in life here on planet Earth optimizing preferably naturally, then alternatively, then conventionally (laser technology in the good is interesting), and keep their own lives and others lives well as well as mine. Those entities, lifeforms that look out for eachother well and treat eachother well wholesomely and happily smartly and beautifully. Meditation, Good Magical Phenomenon - that which science/technology/spirituality/or law politics hasn't defined or explained fully yet. Transhumanism, biomimicry, pantheism, Global Spirit World Music Show. Healing/wellness circles; movement/dance/song @ peace concerts.

Dispatching, auctioneering, switchboard operating!


Feeling good in good ways.

goodly living; krist lik


Solar energy cellphone powering:

Solar power in Chicago schools: A Chicago-based 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization working to make schools more energy efficient by donating solar
panels and empower youth to become leaders in the emerging green economy
through education.



flat line leadership

Pros of lottery dollars:

2010/2011 Edition Green Book page 12 www.BizWithHeart.com -
Mountain Rose Herbs - http://www.mountainroseherbs.com/about/guiding.html


This website - so very cool - http://www.myspace.com/elizabeth_ellen_lightwork
(sensible idealism - two thumbs up!)


Great good free moving natural open smart positive communication for the good of our world/galaxy/humanity. Solar cells, wind power etc.

The latest cutting edge, up to the moment/instant, finger on the pulse, Science/Spirituality/Sustainable Economics.

And, beautiful eco spas, resorts, retreats, sanctuaries.
Wellness - Happiness - Well being.

Art, Dance, Song, Theatre, Musical Comedies, Romantic Comedies!

Architecture, Fashion, Design, High Style, Color, Light, Sound, Senses.

Feeling; living knowing being easeful exciting stimulating fluxing funloving beautiful fulfilling stabilizing adaptability sustainably.

Good correct configurations conversions for the well being of all life forms entities in accord well :)
On a typical Friday night I am
Living life up to the fullest in all great, good ways!
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am kind of like the Luck Dragon from the Never Ending Story movie in some good ways.
If I was a canine, I'd be a Golden Retreiver.
Happy go lucky, golden, finder of that you want, need, desire within life - reasonably/compassionately/passionately so. And smart positively, positively smart!
You should message me if
Your an individual, group, or organization who resonants well with, has repoire well with, agrees well with, likes/loves, or who is attracted to - what I've written. Esp. - if you're in your 30's - 38 in particular - as I am! :) Money is not an issue - you're good with money - have plenty of money - and share it well reasonably per with friends etc.

I love and want always complete financial freedom and independent wealth. Thanks :)
The two of us