47Overland Park, United States
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My self-summary
I AM an Ascended Master, an Avatar, a Kabbalist, a Disciple, a Teacher, and a Lover of All Consciousness. I AM The King of Swords/King of Cups, and my energetic complement is The Queen of Wands/Queen of Pentacles. The Age of Aquarius has dawned! We now live in a fifth-dimensional, collective level of ascended consciousness. I AM a catalyst for change in my own life first, and NOW I can impact the lives of others by my example--for NOW is the birth of the New Age of Enlightenment! I have ascended to this new level of holistic consciousness--a methodology of science that merges values and facts. It is a path with a heart, and yet without any corresponding loss of rational clarity. A unique marriage of soul and spirit--the Unity of Full Consciousness.
I AM in this world, but not OF this world-- an evolving and compassionate soul of learning and absolute superior intelligence, both a student of, and a teacher of the sciences, and of the physical and spiritual forces of the universes. I AM a manifestation of experiential and tangible knowledge, of infinite energetic forces that can be tested and measured scientifically and metaphysically, and that are profoundly beyond the ability of the human mind to fully comprehend, which is what fascinates and intrigues me. It is my challenge, it is my quest to seek and to find answers that traditional religion and human philosophers are unable or unwilling to provide. Maybe they just don't know, but I am determined to know, and that is what defines me, and others like me. I AM intellectual, I AM gifted, I AM intense, I AM powerful, I AM laughter, I AM joy, I AM gentle, I AM Love, and I AM Light. I AM One with All That Is, and so is my Anam Cara! My Twin Flame! Is that You?
What I’m doing with my life
LIVING IT! Embracing each new day, each new experience, each new moment, as it comes! I AM on a personal voyage from our quantum dawn to today's vibrant, thriving, conscious universe. I AM examining the physical and scientific and spiritual basis of our existence, intuitively, logically, and metaphysically understanding the universe while aesthetically revelling in its mind-blowing beauty! I AM awaiting being re-united with my Twin Flame, so we can share the glorious process of ascension together. I AM constantly learning, in order to share what I have learned with All Consciousness. I AM CURRENTLY TEACHING A MASTER'S CLASS ON KABBALAH AND THE TREE OF LIFE!
I’m really good at
ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Creating alternate realities through the process of channeling the Divine Energy of God/Goddess. Tarot Reading, High Magic/Kabbalah, Kabbalistic Astrology, Authentic Living, Instantaneous manifestation, psychic energy movement through conscious channeling, telekinesis, traveling back and forth through time, freezing and manipulating time, dream interpretation, all forms of ESP, and expressing my thoughts and emotions through poetic imagery. I AM really good at BEING ME--that is, my true Highest I AM Self--which allows me to create the reality that I DESIRE, with the Infinite Energy of THOUGHT. I AM fully able to converse on any subject--if I don't know something, then I am willing to learn from others who do.
The first things people usually notice about me
My stature, the way I carry myself with confidence, my intense energy, my penetrating gaze as they look deep into my soul and see the light of warmth and unconditional love, acceptance and approachability, honesty and transparency. They feel safe and comfortable around me. People are drawn to my gentle soul and to my loving energy that makes me stand out in an otherwise self-centered crowd. I am other-centered and this draws them to me like moths to a flame. Other awakened souls either love me, or they fear the intensity of my loving energy; however, no one can ignore my energetic impact on her life. I can will people to respond to me if I so desire. If you haven't responded to me after reading this far, then it is clear that you don't resonate with my energy level, and that we are not Twin Flames, and we are not each other's Anam Cara.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
The Torah is my favorite book, and its words are the heart and soul of Hashem speaking directly to me. It is my physical point of contact with our Creator, Who is the Source of All That Is. The Wisdom of Torah guides my life, and gives me the freedom to enjoy anything and everything that my heart desires. Other books include: The Tanach, The Bahir, The Zohar, The Sepher Yetzirah, The Oracle of Kabbalah, Miracles Mysteries and Prayer, The Energy of the Hebrew Letters, The Wisdom of the Hebrew Alphabet, Rainbow Medicine, The Goddess Re-Awakening, The Goddess in Your Stars, The Book of Druidry, The Druid Isle, The Mayan Code, The Celestine Prophecy, The Book of Shadows, Human Race Get Off Your Knees, The Source Field Investigations, Ireland--Land of the Pharaohs, Anam Cara--The Book of Celtic Wisdom, Karma and Reincarnation, Wheels of a Soul, The Gifts of the Jews, How the Irish Saved Civilization, Science and the Akashic Records, Edgar Cayce on The Akashic Records, Ageless Body Timeless Mind, How to Live a Wishes-Fulfilled Life, The Secret, Living Kabbalah, The Power of Kabbalah, The 72 Names of God, Secrets of the Zohar, The Essential Zohar, Legacy of the Divine Tarot, The Qabalistic Tarot, Kaballah: The Star Connection, Simplified Qabala Magic, The History of Witchcraft, The Hand and Its Mysteries, New Daughters of The Oracle, Surfing Aquarius, Runes, Going Clear--Doorway to the Divine, and many other sources of esoteric wisdom, and divine alchemy. My heart's desire is to share all of the abundance and prosperity that life has to offer with the One Twin Flame, the true Love of my life, my Anam Cara. That is my ultimate joy for now and for eternity. My favorites mean nothing to me without that special person with whom to share them.
Six things I could never do without
The Torah, The Names of God, Vital Relationship with God/Goddess, Full Consciousness, Human Connection, Personal I AM Self-empowerment, I AM Self-awareness, PERSONAL Sovereignty, unlimited freedom of will, intellect, passion, creativity, compassion, unconditional love, desire to share, my spiritual identity, destiny with my Twin Flame, my Anam Cara.
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Living an Authentic Life, Re-uniting with my Twin Flame--my Anam Cara. The desire to share our destiny together. Giving and investing myself into this special, one-of-a-kind relationship. Sharing love unselfishly. I AM consciousness. How to create as I speak. Abundance and prosperity for all. True justice and freedom from tyranny and corruption. Developing my creative potential by inspiring others to achieve theirs. Transcending the bounds of limited thinking, and embracing infinite possibility. Other forms of intelligent energy in other worlds. Infinity in general. Setting and reaching goals that are challenging and satisfying, and using every possible tool of enlightenment that is available to me. And sharing these discoveries with others to improve their lives, while continually working to improve myself. Being in the moment of now, rather than worrying about the past or the future. Love and passion, and how to effectively communicate them to others. Knowing and constantly reminding myself, I AM WHAT I AM. Namaste I bow to the Light that is within you, for we are all One. I AM The Best in The World at Being ME, and teaching others how to follow my example.
On a typical Friday night I am
Weekends for me are typically performance nights when I am appearing in a theatrical production. While I am between shows, my Fridays are open to social invitations and quality time with family, and to making new connections. I am not out bar-hopping or looking for one-night stands. It's safer to stay at home and watch WWE Friday Night Smack-Down! I don't need alcohol to have fun, but to each his own.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I am a practicing witch, and I channel a feminine energy, named "Lady Maxine". I teach a Master's Class in the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah, and I am very active in the local metephysical community. I have had many past life experiences--both male and female-- including that of a Celtic Druid High Priest, a High Priestess of the Melchizedek Priesthood, a Knight of the Round Table, a Sorceress, and a personal advisor to The Pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. I am a direct descendant of King David, and a member of the Tribe of Judah. I am a true empath. Because I am an empath, I can read your energy without speaking a word. When I know your sign, I can tell many things about you. I like to watch the TV show "Charmed" and also "Ghost Whisperer". I love Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the women on "Charmed" are smokin' hot! I also like to watch "Baggage" even though I don't think I have any (baggage that is). I am a very powerful magician--a "Charmed One" in my own right. And I always get what I want. Resistance to the infinite attraction of Love is futile. Power is more important to me than money, knowledge is power, absolute knowledge is absolute power, infinite knowledge is infinite power, and Infinite Love is the greatest power. And I AM an awesome lover! My life is an open book for All to read!
You should message me if
You are a Mature woman who knows what she wants, and you recognize it with your heart as well as your eyes. You want a relationship with a real man who treats you with true love and respect as your heart desires. You are familiar with the Queen of Wands, and your astrological sign is Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Libra, or Sagittarius. You have read my entire profile (honestly) and you resonate with the energy behind my thoughts and words, and especially if you know we are Twin Flames! We are looking for each other, and we are each other's Anam Cara! Shalom, Twin Flame! I AM THAT I AM is our Name!
Namaste, I bow to the Infinite Light that is within You. Twin Flame, Anam Cara, I WILL you to respond to me, and to the energy that makes us ONE! You are my BEST FRIEND for eternity!
May the rest of you find the relationships that you deserve. And, by the way, astrological influences affect everyone's lives, whether you believe it or not.
The two of us