35San Jose, United States
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My self-summary
6'1", slim build, dirty blonde hair, pale white skin

Extremely easygoing.. I know everyone says this but I really am so apathetic about most things that it could be considered a problem. I thought for a long time I was an introvert but then I learned that ambivert is also a thing, and that suits me way better.
INTP if you care about the Briggs Myers test.
I'm kind of a geek in that I enjoy really nerdy things, but I'm not socially inept. I'm probably way cooler than you.. Jokes.
I have a dark sense of humor, nothing is off limits. By this point with all the terrible things that come out of my friend's mouths I would be seriously impressed if you could come up with something that would shock me, but please try.. it might make me laugh.. And I do love to laugh.

I love adventure. I want to feel alive. I read the book on life and *spoiler alert* we all die in the end, so I'm looking to have as much fun and as many good times as possible before that happens.
To really get a feel for what someones personality is like I think you have to talk to them for a while in person, the real feeling of who someone is doesn't come across in text due to things like comedic timing, word association, sarcasm, emotion reading, voice cues, facial expression, etc... So instead of trying to convey who I am I'm just going to list out some shit that I like:
Snowboarding, hiking, camping, motorcycle riding, shooting guns, archery, gardening, reading books, movies, video games, fixing things, eating new foods, exercise, caffeine, sleep, stand up comedy, animals, bike party, documentaries, learning, baking, grilling, swimming, netflix, bouldering, exploring, exchanging stories, getting lost, discussing ideas, wine, architecture, meeting strangers and finding out what makes them tick.
What I’m doing with my life
Just looking for happiness and laughing to myself about how silly all this human posturing is to find meaning in life.
We are all a bunch of primates on a ball of rock that's flying through space around a bunch of burning gas... it's really not that serious, lighten up, you might actually have some fun.
I’m really good at
Finding humor in anything and everything, especially at the most inappropriate times.

Pointing out nonsense and other gaps in logic.

Bending/breaking the rules and getting away with it.

Procrastination and or getting distracted... just being honest.
The first things people usually notice about me
Eyes and smile.. How tall I am.. That I need to eat a sandwich? I really don't know but that's what people tell me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books: I like anything by Chuck Palahniuk, Michael Crichton, Max Brooks, Neil Stephenson, Stephen King, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Carl Sagan, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and anything dealing with zombies.. for some reason.

Movies: I can watch stupid mindless action or horror movies, comedies, pretty much whatever, but by far my favorite movies are the ones that totally mindfuck you and leave you thinking about them for days afterwards.

Shows: I don't watch TV on TV itself, I typically download entire seasons of shows and watch them at my leisure to completion unless they are still being made. I'm currently all finished with or caught up on:
Walking dead, GoT, Misfits (this might be my favorite show ever), SoA, Breaking Bad, Man Vs. Wild, Naked and Afraid, Archer, American Horror Story, Futurama, Firefly, Stargate, Dexter (the ending to this pissed me off).

Music: I like EDM, rock, I listen to metal when I workout because it makes me want to destroy things. I enjoy classical and instrumental quite a bit too.

Food: I am so not picky it's almost ridiculous. I will eat pretty much anything, and most of the time I'll enjoy it. Love trying new things.
Six things I could never do without
1. The internet, I'm constantly connected unless I'm camping or hiking. I mean come on, its a huge repository of human knowledge.. and stupidity... and pictures of cats.. still, it's pretty good.
2. Animals, I love pets of all kinds and I love wild animals too.. I want a pet raccoon, people think that's weird but come on, they have little hands, cute bandit masks, are intelligent and adorable, and red pandas are endangered so I can't have one of those -_-
3. Asian food. Sushi, Korean BBQ, Dim Sum, everything.. I love it all.. except chicken feet, I pass on that.. everything else though.. It's the texture.. its just.. wrong.
4. Video games, sometimes I need to go full introvert and leave reality for a while and go into a virtual world. I don't really play too often anymore but I do binge sometimes. I'm starting to really enjoy them as a story telling medium as well.
5. Caffeine. It's like stealing awake time from future me! I'm not a morning person, always been a night owl... okay fine I'm just lazy and I don't like getting out of bed.. whatever, you ruin everything.
6. Friends. Gotta have people to share all the crazy shenanigans in life with right? What good is a crazy adventure without people to share it with?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
It would be easy street to be the IT guy at an Amish company.

Where are all the sour patch parents?

If I had as much money as Bill Gates, there is no way I wouldn't buy every single major league baseball team and change their uniforms into pink dresses. That's just way too funny not to do.
On a typical Friday night I am
Shooting up black tar heroin and smoking crystal meth with the homeless.

Okay really though I might be out partying with friends, or maybe alone in my room reading a book or sleeping, just depends on the week.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I think the first 11 mins of the movie "Up" is the best love story in a movie I have ever seen. I want that.. except I want to die first because.. reasons.

I will probably like you more if you are weird. Normal people are kinda boring.
You should message me if
You're intelligent and interesting.
You like fun/ actually want to go do things and have said fun.
You have a story to tell me, preferably a really embarrassing one.
You got jokes. Seriously.. If you can make me laugh I will probably love you.. for like 5 mins, then I will be done laughing and the feeling will most likely fade.

I'm interested in making meaningful connections, not looking for hook ups. I'm looking for friendship first, if it leads to something else later, wonderful. If not, you can never have too many good friends right?
The two of us