37Cambridge, United States
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My self-summary
To begin with, I am a huge nerd. I was a nerd way before it became cool to be a nerd. I get way too fascinated about things that no one else seems to cares about. I am a music nerd, a food nerd a beer nerd.

I suspect that, while my profile may give some insight into who I am and what I am interested in, I do not feel that ones best qualities are things that can be communicated in a profile. At best, a profile gives us a chance to find some commonalities to talk about when we meet for the first time, but in the end the things that will attract me to you, and likely you to me, are less objective than the fact that I like farmers markets and bluegrass. And in fact, I have found that the women to whom I am most attracted have few common interests with me. So it really comes down to ones character and some intangible X factor that can only really be described as a "vibe" for lack of a better word.
What I’m doing with my life
Given that my chosen career is both intellectually and emotionally draining I am considering saying "to hell with my job" and beginning to put into effect, my plans for world domination.
I’m really good at
I love to cook. I am not so much for following recipes but rather going to the farmers market and seeing what is fresh and coming up with something creative.

I also make some amazing home brewed beer. Some my my recipes include a maple brown ale, a pineapple wheat, and some of the most amazing hard cider I have ever had (in my opinion).
The first things people usually notice about me
My laugh...which has been described to me as "epic."
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
High Fidelity, Princess Bride, and Almost Famous are my favorite movies. I like any movie in which the main characters are big music nerds. Also, I cannot forget to mention Star Wars.

As for food, I have a very wide range of things that I like to eat. I do not eat fast food on principal. I tend towards organic and fresh local ingredients, though I am not militant about it. I love going to farmers markets and cooking whatever is fresh that week. I also enjoy making things from scratch even if it is way too time consuming. It is just as much about the fun of creating something as it is about actually eating it.

Most of what I listen to falls somewhere not too far from the jam band stuff. I particularly like bluegrass and bands that came from the bluegrass tradition but have gone their own way with it such as Avett Brothers, Crooked Still, Leftover Salmon, Old Crow Medicine Show. I also love more traditional bluegrass such as Tony Rice and Doc Watson. I make a point of going to Merle Fest every year. I also love Donna the Buffalo, North Mississippi Allstars, Widespread Panic, and The Dead. I also love classical, jazz, traditional blues, folk, Irish, and alternative. In all of these categories there are artists that do it for me and artists that don't.
Six things I could never do without
my i-pod and a good set of headphones
a decent kitchen
my guitar
good beer
my laptop
my bike
I spend a lot of time thinking about
1) How I am going to one day avenge all wrongs done to me with a fiery sword.

2) Where I am going to get a fiery sword.

3) Where I am going to go on vacation next.

4) Preparing for my next music/camping festival.

5) What kind of beer I will brew next.
On a typical Friday night I am
There is no "typical" Friday night for me. I do enjoy going out to hear live music or going to interesting dive bars that have a lot of interesting microbrews on tap. But I am also not above just hanging out at home with some friends or watching movies.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Sometimes when I invite someone back to my apartment for a cup of coffee, I may not intend on actually having coffee.

...because I drink tea, not coffee...why, what did you think I meant?
You should message me if
Some of the most attractive things to me are intelligence, creativity and talent. I love women who can sing, play an instrument, draw, paint, sculpt, or write songs or poetry.

If you are not at least a little bit of a nerd than I don't know if we would get along too well. I find myself more attracted to more eccentric women. Really if you are truly excited about something, even if it is something that I know nothing about, I find that sexy. I want a woman who will go out to see live music and dance even if no one else is.

I also am interested in someone who is confident in themselves as an individual. I am not interested in someone who is looking for me to "complete" them just as I am not looking for someone to "complete" me. If you feel that you have your own unique identity and want to share it with someone then I would love to hear from you. If you are someone who defines themselves by who they are dating at any given time, then I don't think we would get along too well.
The two of us