27Warner Robins, United States
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My self-summary
I'd like to preface this whole thing by saying that I made this profile long ago, unfortunately I don't maintain it very well.
Thusly, much of the info on here, some of my opinions, the clothes I wear, etc, has changed and grown as I have. If there's some particular things on here that drive you away, feel free to inquire as to whether they're still accurate.

i would love to answer all of the categories after this one, but it would seem as though every time i have shit figured out is also the time when i realize i was wrong. ha ha. but such is life right ? lets start with my bad aspects (because they're what really kills relationships).
i have an uncanny ability to be an asshole, in the most inappropriate times. i have no heart, because i tend to not cry, ever. i'm too ghetto, too white trash. i push the ones i'm close to, to be better, even though i have my own fucked up aspects. i don't accept excuses, but i make them.
most of these are things i've heard from my past relationships. just a lil disclaimer.
i myself feel that i'm mostly cool as shit. so, now time for some positive type shit.
i'm loyal to a fault, i say this aware of how it is cliche, but i seriously mean it. if you'll ride for me, i'll ride for you. period. i'm a realist. i'm very logical, hell maybe over logical. i believe that's why some women feel i'm cold and heartless, i'm usually the one to take action when shit gets real, not the one to panic and cry. but i have cried before, specifically watching black hawk down, and my dog skip, right after my dog died. i do not take my word very lightly, if i give my word on something, it will be. i am really a ridiculous romantic at heart, i will try to do things that will be very meaningful for my other. oh , and i'm big on saving money, not all the time, but most times. unless i'm blowing it on one of the previously mentioned romantic plans. (if that's a good quality to you).

Let's see, some things I like. I like motorcycles, and cars. Not really a giant truck person. Lol. I really love music, pretty much all music, classical, country, dub step, rock, pop, but I think my main love is hip hop. I play first person shooters more than other games, mainly battlefield 3, and halo. oh, some critical info, I wear baggy clothes. I know some people can't stand it so, I thought I should mention it.
And one last thing, I have a daughter. Unfortunately, being in the military I can't have sole custody because of my deployments. So she lives with her mother, in new orleans. I don't see her a lot because of the distance.
that's all i can think of now, just send me a message if you want to know anything else, or if you have any questions.
What I’m doing with my life
Day to day - working, working on my cars, currently trying to buy a house.
Basically, my hobbies are cars and driving.
Simple, I know, lol.
I’m really good at
being logical, keeping my word, but also at lying when necessary. lol. fixing stuff, anything other than computers i'll make it work. being objective.
The first things people usually notice about me
Honestly, I have no idea. Please, if there's anything particularly noticeable about me, let me know. I'll start a list of responses. Lol.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
books: not big on books, although i am highly literate. i only seem to be attracted to non-fiction books. and oddly enough like middle school and high school level fiction books. i just prefer a simpler writing style, it seems unnecessary for tolstoy to use a whole fucking page describing stick on the ground, and the metaphorical issues that revolve around it. it's a stick, move on to the war and peace part of the story. oh , here's some of the books/magazines i do like......

national geographic
cycle world
transall saga
the everest series
the bear cat
can i include those ? i sometime rummage though them reading for hours.

movies: i love movies of pretty much all kinds.
the princess bride
pulp fiction
hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
new jack city
black hawk down
don't be a menace to south central l.a. while drinking your juice in the hood
meet joe black
seven pounds
(actually any will smith, samuel jackson, or brad pitt.)

shows: favorite channels: history channel, discovery channel, science channel, comedy central.
top gear
modern marvels
how it's made
comedy central presents.......
chappelle show
the boondocks
the x-games

music: i really love music, for reals. lol. not all music, but music from every genre. i've said before "i would rather have bad music than no music". I've recently been on a classic rock kick, I tend to cycle through different genres. here goes my list......
lil wayne
immortal technique
the game
steve miller band
chitty bang
regina spektor
mac miller
wu tang clan
mos def
jay z
(i would definitely say hip hop is my main love.)
ellie goulding
the tempteations
george jones
alan jackson
maroon 5
50 cent
lloyd banks
busta rymes
chris webby
owl city
kanye west
foster the people
red hot chili peppers
limp bizkit
flux pavilion
linkin park
the lonely island
marvin gaye
and i left off a shit ton of artist/groups.

food: i'm really not a picky eater. i have preferences but i'm not the person to send my burger back because it has a onion on it. that being said, i do have favorite foods.
double cheeseburgers
hot wings
taxas pete
pizza rolls
hamburger helper
pretty much any kind of meat, cooked any way.
Six things I could never do without
1. Loyalty
2. A good woman (why i'm here)
3. Music (recently classic rock)
4. Titties (not gonna lie, I love'em)
5. Something drive/ride (recklessly)
6. Red meat, Beer, Whiskey
I spend a lot of time thinking about
again, i know it's cliche, but everything. i think of every aspect, every angle, every interpretation, of pretty much every thing. from religion, to what is in bologna, to why is it that hydrogen powered cars haven't taken the forefront yet, to damn aziz ansari is funny, to how the fact that white people can't say nigga, is racist, but it's also defended by the fact that if white people say it it's racist, to man tommy pickles is the shit, how electricity is supposed to have a "flow" and everything is composed of atoms which are basically normal electricity but we can't we transport people though wires or tesla coils, wtf ? why everywhere white people go we fuck shit up, how fallopian tubes work, how it's probably mainly my fault that, that relationship didn't work out, where the closest exit is, my odds of surviving and escaping any given situation, would i be able to save anybody else, do they really deserve to be saved, is it gay that i think brad pitt is hot in troy, how the lead singer from fun sounds like tracy chapman, why bill o'reilly is such a douche.
you know, things like that.
On a typical Friday night I am
Working on cars, driving aimlessly, eating enormous steaks. Things like that.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i don't know. it depends on what's private to you ? what about how i'm really insecure about my body ? how i have a mole close to my junk ? how the fact that i don't fit in sometimes makes me sad ? how the fact that i'm awesome sometimes makes me feel like i'm better than most other people ? tell me your's, i'll tell you mine.
You should message me if
i've read a hundred or more of these things, and they appear to only be used to describe reasons not to message. in that case, fuck it, message me anyway. so what if we wind up not being bff's or soul mates, just go for it. you never know until you try. there's a lot on this page but, there's a lot more to me in real life.
The two of us