25Hong Kong, Hong Kong
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My self-summary
I'm simple & ordinary.
I like Music a lot,like pop music,Rap,R&B,Soul,Hip-hop......much a lot~I CANT LIVE WITHOUT MUSIC!!
I like meeting new people, i think I'm gentle and soft~:p
I'm a good listener with a good temper.
I am a little rebellious...
I'm not only open minded, and never judge, but also I'm willing to try new things.
maybe ill be shy at first ,but when things become comfortable ill become a little bit crazy...
Ps: play violin is my another habit but I play it sucks lol.
Anyway I'm just too addicted to music!!!
I like singing my own songs when I playing my guitar.
I dunno have someone ever feel the way that ppl can treat you and make u feel like a treasure as urself then dump you next second cruelly just like throwing some kinda plastics bags. Whatever, life is tough, and you don't have a choice but keep moving on. But it also like a box of chocolates that u don't even know which one you gonna get, so be positive then!

Just spent my last year in the UK for my master degree, now back to HK for working.
What I’m doing with my life
play my instruments (violin, guitar, ukelele)
listen to music
losing weight
I’m really good at
be annoying like The annoying orange!!XD...just kd...
being clumsy
or just cooking nd sleeping xD
oh,i always singin' in my bath time~lol~
The first things people usually notice about me
Too cold for u to keep,too hot for u to leave~oh~hoho~just kidding~:p
be honest ppl always said that im cute n funny,n have a good temper,n,..kind-hearted~i like hearing it ~ ;p
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite Violinist: Stephane Grappelli , Stuff Smith,Naoko Terai, Aria Asia ( oh I'm so addicted to Jazz violin~ >.<)
Lorde!!! ( luv her " Team" and " Tennis Court")
Skip & Die!!
Forster The People~!!!(pumed up kicks,call it what you want)
Florence And The Machine(i like their 'Kiss with a fist' and 'Dog days are over'~)
Hyper Crush!!!
Adele~!(there ' s a fire starting in my heart~Reaching a fever pitch and it' s bringing me out the dark~~)
The Weepies~^_^( Gotta have u, simple life)
Fergie,Ke$ha,Katy Perry,Pink,
Nicki Minaj,Lily Allen,Dev.,
Diane Birch,Lady Gaga,
Ashlee Simpson,
Kylie Minogue,Orianthi,Britney Spears,Leona Lewis,Taylor Swift,Shakira,Alexandra Stan;
Lick it frm God-Des She ;p
Chara.( swallowtail butterfly , my way, Sunday park, crazy for you, tomorrow.)

Male singers : Eminem,Akon,Kanye West,B.o.B,Drake,Taio cruz,Jason Derulo,Chingy,50 Cent,Maroon 5,Coldplay, Chicherina,Ne-Yo,

Bands : Black Eyed Peas,Paradiso Girls,Far East Movement,Coldplay,One Republic,Fort Minor,Paramore,The Cranberries,Noodles( love my life, tomorrow & yesterday, she her, 45, fool songs)
......much a lot~lol

MOVIES:Le Concert , Violon rouge ,
Le ballon rouge~!!!!
Amelie,the reader,Henry & June ,Vicky Cristina Barcelona,Black Swan;The notebook,or romantic comedy,scary movie,korean soap drama,some interest french movie...

BOOKS:The Reader;Marguerite Duras's the lover;Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood,and Kafka on the Shore.

Orange is the new black
Two Broke Girls
Work It
I Hate My teenage Daughter
Gossip Girl
The L Word
The America's Next Top Model
Face Off
Hit & Miss
May Queen
American horror story
Devious maid
Ru'paul drag race

FOODS:actually,i don't find fault with food.i like pudding n lemon tea a lot,n sushi,pizza,sweet n sour pork ribs,green tea,Irish coffee,iced milk tea,japanese tofu,steamed egg custard(i cooking it well~yummy~lol),spring roll,sandwich,doughnuts,tart, dim sim,rice n vegetable roll,soybean milk,tofu pudding,shrimp balls,fried white radish patty…Thai food,Japanese,Portuguese cuisine
well,much a lot~lol~
Six things I could never do without
1 my soul
2 family/friends
3 my headphone[MUSIC]
4 my notebook/my iphone
5 passion
6 thats a secret:p
I spend a lot of time thinking about
my future,
how to live more meaingful.
how to become more pretty:p
n how to become a nice person.or...blah blah blah......
I ALWAYS THINK TOO MUCH!!!(even though i know its not good...:/)
um...how to expand my profile to get to 100%...although it seems borin..lol...
n...just found out that Praise ppl is also a kind of skill,n now im enjoy learnin it......
anyway,i like thinkin
On a typical Friday night I am
n doing yoga...
be willing to sleep all day....
may go to have a drink sometimes....but im too easy to get drunk......
or just stay at home n watchin some movies......
studyin......yeah its really important actually.....
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
i have a small tattoo on somewhere.
ps,im not that aggressive person
Oh and I'm ISFP In the test if u knw what it means.
anyway,my actions follow with my heart~

btw,im emotional.
You should message me if
You know who is Peter·Ilyich·Tchaikovsky,I don't expect u love his works, but at least know who he is.
we have commom interest,(4 example Rihanna or Plastiscines!)
weather u hav the white skin like Madonna or hav the beautiful dark skin just like Rihanna;
weather u r gay or bi or straight even transgender,girlie boy or boyish girl;
whatever you are,
just messege me if u want to!!

Ps: u'd better hav pic of urs on ur profile , it's okcupid not omegle ,I'm not gonna talk with a person without his face. and also, don't just say hi to me I'm not a puppy dog or babies, cuz that's how I react when I saw animals ...
Oh, here's the information to guys :I'm not looking for sex here, don't even bother me if u just wanna have sex.( Including Sex Camera !!! Well, I knw some guys pretended to be ladies and try to sex cam with me, all I wanna say is fuck off)

PS: ( To Male Only) Recently, I've got some messages frm some guys here who wanted my other contacts. Surely I will give it to u if I think u'r not bad as urself. But pls don't find any excuss that you couldn't add me blah blah blah and trying to let me add u back. It's not about my woman pride, it's about the principle, cuz u'r the one who wants to add me first. If u can't add my other contacts just don't add me then. Honestly i don't really care if u added me or not, besides we can still chat on here. And if u still couldnt get it then leave me alone pls, cuz I'm not a kinda person who likes to argue with strangers online a lot. I do have a good temple, but it doesn't mean that I need to bend and scrap to curry favor in front of u. We all human beings, and to me, u'r not that special, that's all. ( But if u'r a lady, I don't mind to add u back at all, cuz we all women~And women should help with each other !)
Last but no least! Do not try to find any excuse like I'm not replay u something like that and insulting me or I will come back for ya and block u!

Anyway, think it twice before message me. ;)
The two of us