30 Boca Raton, United States
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My self-summary
UCF (undergrad) and FAU (grad) alumnus. Assistant Director of marketing & communications at a university. I enjoy short walks on the beach straight to the water so I can go surfboarding (that's what Beyonce calls it, but it's more like surfboring when she does it! Ya just got burned, Beyonce - you should "put some 'cream' on it"). Easy going, quiet person, but goal-oriented and driven. Don't let the little things bother me, always see the brighter side. Like writing in fragments while avoiding first person. Have a pretty varied set of interests. I fancy The Black Keys, but will listen to most kinds of music. Fun fact: I was the cartoonist for my high school and college papers. I enjoy popular TV shows, such as The Office and It's Always Sunny (What?! You do too?! Well it's a done deal, we're soulmates). Both shows are very funny though, just want to point that out.

I don't follow most conventional sports, instead I'll watch pro surfing, MMA, and some motocross/supercross. I used to ride dirt bikes a lot, looking to get back into it. However, I'm not ignorant when it comes to football, baseball, basketball and enjoy watching football on occasion.

I'm into health, wellness, and fitness. I eat predominantly organic and vegetarian, but I will eat a burger when I'm out.

Would love to be the creative director for an awesome, fun company, such as Patagonia or Volcom.
What I’m doing with my life
I dress up as Batman. You heard right! When I'm not busy doing that (which is never), I try and squeeze in some work so I can pay for cooler Batman outfits (they're not costumes). When I'm all dressed up as Batman I don't even visit children's hospitals or anything, I just take selfies in the bathroom mirror to post on Instagram (follow me: CoolbroBatman632). Are you still reading this? This is all very not real by the way. Okay, so what am I doing with my life... I think is what most people ask themselves when they sign up for an online dating site.

For serious now. I enjoy my profession, and learning new things. Love getting outdoors and having fun, whether it's just hanging on the beach or fishing, free diving/snorkeling, kayaking, or surfing.
I’m really good at
...being very serious when filling out open ended fill in the blank response areas.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Ghost writer for a bestselling series of teen heartthrob books about justin bieber. And yes, I'm a proud Belieber. Love the Biebs! So if that's a problem then good, because I agree, it would be a little weird for an adult male to love Justin Bieber. One Direction, that's a different story...