34Cascade, United States
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My self-summary
I like to think of myself as a man of many talents, although "man of many preoccupations" may be a more apt description. I'm a former paleontologist, current amateur astronomer, musician, two-bit improv comedian and unapologetic geek. A friend of mine recently referred to me as a "Renaissance Man," but I was mildly offended by that description because I, for one, tend to enjoy the innovative, modern luxuries of sanitary conditions and Penicillin.

I transplanted to Colorado Spring in 2010, and before that I lived in the suburbs of Phoenix where I worked for the Arizona Museum of Natural History in a very broad variety of capacities (paleontology / archaeology lab and field work, exhibit design and installation, coloring book illustration, public science education outreach and beer consumption). I'm passionate about science and sharing it with the public. To that end I volunteer with several science advocacy organizations and cohost monthly public science events at Ivywild school. Yes, I am something of a nerd. Yes, I am comfortable with this fact. I am enlightened.

I'm also an arts geek. For several years I was a multi-instrumentalist/backup vocalist in an eclectic folk music group, and I have been involved in improvisational comedy for close to twenty years. I'm a songwriter as well as a freelancer for science magazines.

During the summer I love taking advantage of all Colorado has to offer, trying to take as many hiking, camping and road trips as I can. I consider the summer wasted if I don't see at least three concerts at Red Rocks.

Regardless, there is one aspect of my life I've been neglecting; I want to find someone to share this bizarre journey with, and that brings me here. I'm hoping to find a kindhearted, funny, slightly evil and (above all) intelligent woman for companionship and shenanigans.

Contrary to the automatic assumption people make upon seeing my username, I am not a rabid hockey fan. "Zamboni" is my mafioso alter-ego used in improvisational comedy (long story).
What I’m doing with my life
My full time gig is working for a gourmet specialty shop. My side projects include writing freelance articles for a popular astronomy magazine, trying to kick at the darkness 'til it bleeds daylight, and living by my newly adopted philosophy of "be the trouble you want to see in the world."

I have been falling victim, like so many men before me, to the IKEA home nesting instinct.
I’m really good at
Playing blues harmonica, improvisational comedy, memorizing obtuse trivia, fossil preparation, geocaching, illustrating dinosaur coloring books for kids, Jury rigging just about anything (MacGyver's got nothin' on me), cuddling, giving amazing back rubs, writing obscenely long-winded profiles.
The first things people usually notice about me
The first thing people typically notice about me is that I'm not telepathic and thus I don't know what they're first noticing about me. This irritates some people. Their irritation amuses me.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(BOOKS) First of all, my new favorite book is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. The Movie doesn't hold a candle to it. Anything by Kurt Vonnegut, Chuck Pahlaniuk, Thomas Pynchon, Arthur C. Clarke, Stephen King, Douglas Adams, JK Rowling (don't judge me), Michael Crichton, Neil Gaiman, Thomas Harris, David Sedaris, Frank Herbert, Hunter S. Thompson or John Steinbeck. I read a lot of science books (particularly those by Stephen Hawking, Phil Plait, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Carl Sagan, Robert Bakker, Jack Horner, Brian Greene, etc.). Dan Brown novels are my guilty literary pleasure, even if they do read like third-rate Umberto Eco fan fiction.

Ayn Rand frightens me.

(MOVIES) Anything by Wes Anderson, the Coen Brothers, Stanley Kubrick, Christopher Nolan, Kevin Smith or Christopher Guest. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Serenity, Jurassic Park, Fight Club, Apollo 13, Monty Python films, The Boondock Saints (don't judge me), Contact, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Children of Men, Sling Blade, Exit Through the Giftshop, the Godfather trilogy, Zardoz (okay, you can judge me a little bit), Being John Malkovich and Office Space.

(TV SHOWS) Star Trek (all incarnations except Voyager, which I try to pretend never existed), Firefly, The X-Files, Nova, Homeland, Jericho, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Weeds, The West Wing, Cosmos (both versions), Monty Python's Flying Circus, The Kids in the Hall, The State, MST3K, Dead Like Me, Doctor Who.

I'm profoundly angry at the injustice in the world because Hannibal got cancelled.

(MUSIC) I have VERY eclectic taste in music. When people say "I listen to a little bit of everything" they rarely mean it to the extent that I do. While there are some genres I generally dislike, I've discovered enough exceptions to every rule to know that no genre is off-limits. Some of my favorites include Blues Traveler, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Paul Simon, Jason Isbell, Dave Matthews Band, Nickel Creek, Matisyahu, Steve Earle, Widespread Panic, Leftover Salmon, Rusted Root, Taj Mahal, Barenaked Ladies, Flogging Molly, The Pogues, Queen, Jonathan Coulton, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Bob Dylan, Gov't Mule, DeVotchKa, Cee-Lo Green, Led Zeppelin, the Chieftains, Ben Folds, Calexico, Iron & Wine, Bruce Hornsby, Ryan Adams, The Pixies, Warren Zevon, Alison Krauss, The Band, Bruce Cockburn, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Shawn Colvin, Ladysmith Black Mambazo... you get the picture. Chances are if it shows up in late-night concert specials on PBS, it can be found on my iPod.

(FOOD) Sushi, New Mexican-style cuisine (Hatch Chiles make everything better), Texas style dry-rub BBQ, Pizza, Potato Leek soup, Indian, Thai, Buffalo Wings, fried Calamari, falafel, Pho, Bulgogi. Sriracha hot sauce is my favorite condiment, and I use it the way some people use ketchup.
Six things I could never do without
I'm not going to go the typical route and just plaster the base tier of Maslow's hierarchy in this space like most people do.

1.) My vast network of Friends and family, many of whom I had to leave behind in Arizona
2.) My astronomical telescope
3.) Music, both listening and playing
4.) Never-ending learning
5.) Surrealist humor

I'm leaving the last one open just to be on the safe side. Maybe it's my ideal woman who's reading this profile right now. Who knows?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
The mysteries of the universe, coming up with reasonably funny/snarky things to say, sex, whether anyone would actually want to listen to a mournful bluegrass song about drunk neanderthals.
On a typical Friday night I am
Hanging out at an Irish pub trying to get a folk music jam started, stargazing with the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society or sampling microbrews at a small craft brewery.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm a MMJ user. It's the only effective treatment for my migraines. I use vaporizers, so you don't have to worry about me smelling like a skunk farm burning to the ground.

Also, when I was 7 years old I wanted to be Wesley Crusher when I grew up.

I got over it.
You should message me if
1.) You are a frighteningly intelligent geek girl with either a strong scientific or artistic/creative bent (or even better, both!).

2.) You have a sense of humor. Appreciating surrealism (Monty Python, Salvador Dali, The Mighty Boosh) will earn you instant points.

3.) You are at least 5% Evil, but not more than 18% Evil. I need a little mischief in my life, but I have my limits.

4.) Your idea of a hot date can include going to a museum. Any kind of museum; art, science, natural history, anything. I'm a museum junkie (my career choice reflects this) and hope to find a woman who shares this passion. Alternately, if your idea of a hot date can include a quiet evening in, cuddling on the couch under a blanket and trying to find the cheesiest possible movies to watch on Netflix.

5.) You find dramatic monsoon thunderstorms to be unbelievably erotic.

You should NOT message me under any circumstances if you're an obsessive "Twilight" Fan.

Also, I am staunchly non-religious and I am NOT willing to "convert." If this is an issue for you, we probably wouldn't get along.

While I'm not looking for a severely long distance relationship, I'm not opposed to meeting people from as far away as Denver/Boulder. Finding like-minded women in "Colorado's Bible Belt" can be difficult at best. If you're more than 100 miles away though, I PROBABLY won't reply to your message, but don't let that stop you. If you're intriguing enough, you can count on a response.

Ugh... good GOD, that's a long profile. Anybody still reading this? If you're still reading this, you should message me. Keep in mind that I probably won't respond to one-word messages.
The two of us