43San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
(slowly updating a section at a time, bear with me)

Hi, I'm a polyamorous male withtattoos, a goatee and a Buddha belly that makes a great pillow. For a long time I identified as bi because that was the term that was around when I was coming out, but I really like the term Queer, aside from being all-encompassing it also just sounds cool, no really, just let it role off the tongue, Qqquueeerrrrrrrr. There, doesn't that sound like an expensive French cheese? MMmmm I'll have a Queer omelet please:)

I'm Pagan and love camping and being out in nature but don't do that nearly as much as I would like.
I've found I get along best with folks that have some spiritual side to their life but also have a very high regard for things like evolution, critical thinking and science (I use spiritual in a very broad and not necessarily religious sense here, and have found myself compatible with a very broad range of folks from Atheists to Muslims).
To quote JMS: "Brother Michael, faith and reason are like the two shoes you wear on your journey. You get a lot farther with both than just one" (extra geek points if you get the reference)

I'm a huge history/mythology/folklore/anthropology geek, and a bookworm. I also love Science Fiction (a Poly Heinlein fan, how unique), especially B5. I love martial arts but haven't practiced in many years.
Politically I'm VERY left. I self identify as a feminist,(if you don't think it's possible for a cisgendered male to be a feminist, we're probably incompatible) and get along best with other lefty, tree hugging, liberal, sex positive, commie, blue state, pinko scum. I also have a bit of a mischievous and rebellious nature and tend to have a problem with authority figures. I guess New York attitude with San Francisco politics is a good way to describe me:)

I live with my female primary partner, (her profile is crista42). While the two of us have sometimes dated as a couple, we also mostly date individually and I'm open to anything from a potential long term committed partner or casual fun, or friends with benefits or just friends. (UPDATE 10/2012: At the moment, I think I'm ideally looking for something long term, weather that be casual friends with benefits or someone that would end up a life long love of-course depends on chemistry but I'm at a point in my life where I'm less interested in short flings and would prefer a small number of ongoing deep connections)

A NOTE on the above part: We have a beautiful baby boy, and while I am now dating again, I'm starting off slow due to the time eaten up by the little dude. I am also very interested in making new friends (We're new to the area), preferably other Poly, liberal, kinky, queer, low drama,freak like beings, and if that leads to more then friends down the road, that's cool too. And we're both very interested in meeting other alternative parents for friendship, community, mutual support, and play-dates for the kids. (you know you're a parent when the word play-date has a whole new meaning :):):)
(UPDATE 1/30/16: The above paragraph is a bit dated. It's mostly still true but our son is 8 now, so while my time is still limited, I'm a bit less sleep deprived)

I guess I'm a typical Poly person in that I've always felt like this is the life style for me but didn't hear of the word polyamory until the late '90s. I've been with my primary partner for over fifteen years now, and we've lived together for over twelve. (we were Poly before we met and were introduced by each others lovers, it's a fun story)

OK, what else can I say about myself, I'm a Pisces, and tend to be shy around new people, however once I get comfortable with someone I get very outgoing.

Some of my most intense spiritual experiences have involved being alone in the woods sitting by a tree.

I've now been told by two completely unrelated people (and had it confirmed by a third) that I remind them of the character of "Stuart" from "Dykes to Watch Out for", I'm still trying to figure out if that's a good thing or a bad thing??????????????????????, but I'm starting to realize that either way, it's at least partly a true thing. OY!!! (though I think I'm a lot kinkier then Stuart:)

I've been told my sense of humor is demented, perverse, highly cynical and often inappropriate. I'd like to think I'm also kind, loving, affectionate, loyal and funny, as well as goofy (and sometimes Sneezy and Grumpy and Lazy and Doc:). I can also be very, very, kinky, (I'm happy to share my Fetlife profile if you ask) but don't have to be. I enjoy being lazy on Sunday mornings. I like chess and some board games ("RISK" brings out my competitive side like you wouldn't believe. Must be something about that world domination thing) Oh, and I can't spell to save my life.

So I used to have this whole snobby and pretentious sounding paragraph in here about sports, but honestly, I don't care about sports either way as long as you don't make me watch stuff with you. Mostly I just wanted an excuse to say corporate-military-industrial complex :) who doesn't?)

there is also a bunch of stuff I don't necessarily seek out on my own but which i tend to enjoy if I'm with someone that's into it, including Anime, live music, RPGs, live theater, renaissance fairs, or Hentai among other things.

I am laid back, goofy, and playful
What I’m doing with my life
�Come Pinky we must prepare for tomorrow night�

�Why what are we doing tomorrow night Brain?�

�Same thing we do every night Pinky, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD�

Volunteering for a sex-positive non profit.
Planning on going back to school soon in a year or two (as soon as is practical with the kid, as I am the stay at home parent for a few years) I'm always happier when I'm learning something new, that way, instead of a job I hate that pays next to nothing, I can have a job I love that pays next to nothing:):):)

reading, changing diapers, reading, changing diapers, eating, reading, sleeping, reading,.... cooking from scratch, and learning to bake.

being a stay at home dad and learning to bake.

Oh, and spending large amounts of time bitching about how Barnes and Nobles and Starbucks have pushed all the used bookstores and independent coffee bars out of New York City, damn corporate bastards. Yet another reason I moved to SF

And I recently started to listen to a lot of NPR
I’m really good at
Procrastinating, listening, pontificating, snuggling, cuddling, being able to justify anything, planning my eventual rise to Supreme Overlord of the Universe, being a good friend, cooking for multiple people, reorganizing your book shelves according to my "master book organizational theory", OHhh and I love a good friendly debate/argument. (I'm told I'm good at some .... Ahemm.... other things too, but we can leave that for another time)
The first things people usually notice about me
the braided beard, or perhaps the Utilikilt. Nowadays it's probably the fact that I have a baby strapped to my chest.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Books/authors: Oh boy, too many but here goes. I mostly read a lot of non-fiction including ethnography's, anthropology, popularized books on science and math (not that I'm good at math, I just find it fascinating) Egyptology, alternate histories, mythology, folklore, Ancient History, anything on the history of the enlightenment period or 18th and 19th century secret/fraternal societies, cool alternative liberal stuff like omnivores dilemma or guns, germs and steel, or three cups of tea or anything with random useless facts. but I do read a lot of fiction also; Grew up on: Asimov especially the Foundation books, Heinlein especially Stranger in a Strange Land but much of his other work too, Arthur C Clark, George Orwell, Milan Kundera, Orson Scott Card, Frank Herbert,,, More recently have gotten into: Octavia E Butler especially her Earthseed books, actually Octavia Butler is now one of my favorite authors of all time, Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars Trilogy, Emma Bull, Charles De Lint, Rite of Passage by Alexei Panshin, H.G. Wells, Ursula K. Le Guin, David Brin, Eric Flint though military sci-fi isn't really my thing but Flint is just a very good writer, and many many more but can't think of them right now. Ohh, and some Erotica occasionally:)

Movies/TV: LOTR, French Twist, Saving Grace, Princess Bride, Splender, Monty Python any interesting documentaries like Devil's Playground, born in brothels or Trembling before G-D, any good sci-fi.(OK, I'll be honest, almost any sci-fi:) South Park, Simpsons, Babylon 5. Horror, historical action, and good comedy. Oh, and any Star trek except enterprise, let's just pretend that spin off never happened shall we. In fact, I'm not even going to capitalize it.

Music: Pretty much anything except country. Used to be a big Metal Head in high school, now really like world music.

Food: I'm mostly omnivorous, love chocolate, Ethiopian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and the Eastern European peasant food I was raised on (Mmmm fried everything, yum), most meat (don't worry, I get along very well with vegetarians, I cook for two of them every day) actually, the only food I really can't stand is eggplant (eggplant is the work of the devil, no, really, it's all part of a conspiracy to take over our souls by making our insides slimy, I kid you not)
Six things I could never do without
Actually I'm pretty adaptable, so the only things that I could NEVER live with out are: Oxygen, H2O, nutritional sustenance, and the proper air pressure to keep my body from either imploding or exploding.

However, here's what I would "prefer" to not live without:

My son, my partner, caffeine, books, good sex, hugs, laughter, my Utilikilt cause it shows off my hairy legs, trees, sugar, my wok, my slow cooker, bacon, learning new things, netflix,,,,,, OK, I know that's more then six (did I mention I like breaking the rules?)
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Alternative political structures, especially some of the ideas in Kim Stanley Robinson's "Mars Trilogy" (what would you call that, Privatized Socialism?). I especially like the idea of a drafted legislature.

I'm also very interested in some of the ideas in Octavia Butler's "Earthseed" books ("Parable of the sower" and "Parable of the Talents") and I've been trying to figure out how to mesh them with my Neo-Paganism. any thoughts?

How to get more people to leave the suburbs and go urban. How to encourage space exploration and the different ways to best implement my plans for world domination. Oh and one of my current obsessions is Monolithic Domes these things are so cool, I want one. OK I admit it, I also think about my hair:):):)
On a typical Friday night I am
I did a lot of going out when I was younger, now I tend to stay home more often then not and watch DVDs or read or snuggle, but I do like to go out occasionally.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I want to be the meat in a Patrick Stewart and Whoopie Goldberg sandwich:):):) actually, I'm not entirely sure if it's really Stewart and Goldberg or Picard and Guinan? maybe both?

UPDATE 12/4/12: I've been feeling the lack of a penis in my love/lust/sex/cuddle life lately and would love to fix that, though I'm definitely looking for something more then a hook up. I'm not hung up on the gender identity of the penis owner though. Not sure if this is actually that personal?
You should message me if
UPDATE 10/4/12: So I've reached the age where messaging adults substantially younger then me can very easily come off as creepy which is a place I'd rather not go. So, to avoid the appearance of creepatude, while there are plenty of younger folks that I would probably be very compatible with, if you're substantially younger then me, I'd prefer for you to message me first.

If I've saved you to my favorites, I'm either interested but waiting for you to message me first due to age based power dynamics imbedded in our culture (thus avoiding the above mentioned creepatude) or if you are Female or Trans identified, the gender based power dynamics similarly imbedded in same culture, or I just didn't get a chance to look at the whole profile and wanted to find it easier later, so feel free to say hello:)

-You know great places to go hiking in the Bay Area that one can get to by public transit and want to show them to me
-You are a fellow alternative parent and want to set up play dates for our wee beasties, or otherwise network, hang out, ext.
-You've read this far and chuckled at least once
-You're interested in getting to know me better
-You know what the word compersion means
-You've realized that you want to become one of my minions and want to help me take over the world
-You've realized that you want me to be one of your minions and help you take over the world
-You just feel like it.
The two of us