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My self-summary 2:05-2:16, that's me.

Anyway... I grew up in Israel and lived there until I was 8. I've always had a passion for music, of any genre (even went through a rap phase... though I realize with that it was always just the background beat I paid any attention, rather than the words. Some of them were quite catchy though!), and have played the piano for about 12 years now and still do. But more as a hobby than a big life-aspiration thing.

I'm really into background music scores... for video games. Say what you want about it, but some games have scores probably better than those of most movies you've seen.
Same with movies and TV shows I watch, that's the one thing I pay attention to most. It kind of makes me upset that UMass had a "music in film" class, which got canceled right when I started there!

But I also notice despite there being a thing for it at the bottom there, usually in this category people tend to say more clearly what they're looking for relationship-wise. So here: In the long run I'm ideally looking for someone to have fun and explore the city and try all sorts of things with and have an open mind, be it long or short term. A sense of humor would be a huge plus.
Especially if you can laugh at the cheesiest jokes (and mean it).
What I’m doing with my life
I shoot ducks.

(No, really... I'm a photographer for the duck tours!)
Other than that, well, I just graduated from UMass Amherst with a BS in math... uh, yeah...
I’m really good at
Math and music, primarily. I have a strong ear for music and usually when I hear a song/tune that sticks with me, for the rest of the day I look forward to going home and learning to play it.
I don't really record myself often, but since one time some gathering someone else happened to record me playing and later put it on youtube, figured I'd share them here (apologies for background noise):
James Bond theme:
Zelda theme (part of it):
Another classical piece that's one of my favorites (I won't say what it is, bonus points if you recognize it ;] ):
Note: This was about four years ago, I don't have crazy hair like that anymore, and have long since lost the beard (I was growing it that year to be Abe Lincoln for Halloween, the hair too).

Also pretty good at remembering things... and having an open mind to try new things (NOT talking about drugs). For instance, I went skiing for the first time a couple months ago... not sure if I ever will again but it was interesting. ha
I'm also a geography buff, the type of guy that every time I see someone say the acronym "OKC" somewhere in their profile when talking about this site, I get confused and think of Oklahoma City.
So yes, I do play a lot of Sporcle. I even made some quizzes on there that got Editor's Pick, but nothing published... yet. Soon!
I also LOVE crossword puzzles... they're always the best time-killer for anything.
Also any logic or trivia oriented board game like Scrabble or Cranium, I get really competitive in. And I WILL beat you.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I'm really hairy.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I like a good laugh, but I also am a sucker for scary/suspenseful movies and shows and books that'll keep me on edge of seat. Not gross-scary (though I was a big fan of the SAW franchise when they were making them... can't help it, it has awesome writing), psychologically/suspense/mystery/drama scary. I like mindfuck psychological thrillers that make you think. I DON'T like scary movies that are purely for gore/shock and have not much of a story or suspense element (Saw's random mysteries save it, you don't see that with Elm Street or Friday the 13th).

So in terms of TV I like Dexter, and Lost... also enjoy Breaking Bad. Also watched Monk when it was on. Humor is always a plus. Kinda weird to group "food" here since unlike the other things this category mentioned it doesn't involve entertainment, but if you insist... spaghetti with melted cheese and no sauce. Oh, and sushi with just about everything imagineable.

As I said, I follow a lot of video game series as well (as long as the music's good), mostly Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, there are probably only two of those I haven't played, but more because I like learning their soundtracks. But like the above shows/movies, they do (to an extent) have a story that "keeps you on edge of seat".

Sorry this section isn't organized and sorted like most, I should probably fix that. It would be more motivating if this site had separate fields for "books", "movies", "shows", etc. then my lists would probably be bigger and more straightforward. Heh
Six things I could never do without
I spend a lot of time thinking about
New ideas for Sporcle quizzes.
On a typical Friday night I am
There should be a 'typical' question for every day.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm not sure which of these is "most" but here's a few up there.

-I have never had a cigarette in my life (but have no problem with people who like them, have smoked hookah though and enjoy it).
-I can sing the alphabet backwards, even when drunk.
-I can name all the Pokemon... in order. All 649.
EDIT: All 721 now.
-I have a slap-chop.
-I sat through BOTH Human Centipede movies (but no they were certainly not one of the "guilty pleasures" I mentioned above).
-I liked the end of Lost. Well... I can name numerous shows that ended worse, Lost's didn't anger me like it seemed to everyone else.

Okay... I guess that's a lot of "private things" that aren't actually private. But consider a way of saying that if any of these are actually a deal breaker, probably not worth my time. So HA!
You should message me if
Are interested... that's really it (sorry to be cliche).
Being smart and/or having a sense of humor is also a plus.

Those of you whose 'most private thing' is "that I'm on this site lol" need not apply.

Or if you sing and/or play an instrument, big plus.

Or if you know who Nobuo Uematsu is (without googling)! Bonus points if you can name some of his individual works *by name* right off the bat.

Oh, and if you recognized my second piano piece (that I didn't name). DEFINITELY message me if you did.

Or if you're a Kingdom Hearts fan (noticed that lately a lot of girls seem to be which makes me happy) and want to engage in a lengthy discussion about it.

Also, if you actually want to meet. Let's face it, we're here to meet people, not have online relationships. I saw the following quote in some girl's profile which I thought was kinda clever, so I'm stealing it (sorry :P), but: I need a "online pen-pal" like I need a hole in my head.

Or if you're hot and wanna send a random guy on the internet a picture of your boobs.
The two of us