45 Albany, United States
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My self-summary
It's hard, especially in this little box to define who I am in a meaningful way. So like a sculptor I'll try to define by removal, I'll work in the negative and list some things that I am not:

- Not negative

- Not into movies in which the title or the trailer describes the entire plot (Runaway Bride, What Lies Beneath, pretty much anything with Sandra Bullock)

- Not tired of the bar scene (never was part of it)

- Not tired of playing games (never played them, most games take two [at least] after all)

- Not someone who loves doing "anything" that's outdoors (i.e. sliding toothpicks under my fingernails, or gargling razor blades are just not fun no matter where you do them)

- Not a Republican

- Not an ideologue

- I don't know exactly what I want (how boring is that? figuring it out is more fun that getting it most of the time anyways)

- I don't want "just one thing"

- I'm no fool, but I'm no Einstein

I don't have a 5 year plan (sometimes I don't even have a 5 minute plan and I like it that way)

- I don't like anything "anything" when it comes to music, except for anything "good" (i.e. anything country, anything rap, anything classic rock I'm in my post-genre period and intend to stay there)

Don't attend church weekly, in fact I can't think of one thing I do every week at the same time, every week...

- Not into routines.

- Not afraid of looking stupid (why avoid the inevetable)

- Not better than anyone else. Except for maybe anyone who thinks they're better than someone else.

- Not meant to be "understood" (like a Picasso or Roger Waters song if you spend to much time figuring it out you'll ruin the experience. did that sound egotistical?)

- Not an egomaniac

- Not a true believer

- Not accepting of ignorance (all great wrongs in the world are best countered with knowledge)

- Not a robot

....Caaaaaan you dig it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Better of Dead, 1984, Buckaroo Banzai, Sandman, Watchmen, Mystery Science Theater 3000, anything Mexican (food)