45Modesto, United States
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My self-summary
I am not extraordinary, but neither am I anything resembling normal or average (is anyone?) I have my quirks (who doesn't?) and am looking for someone who enjoys my eccentricities instead of trying to get me to conform to some ideal.

I am manic depressive, now more commonly calledbi-polar, and refuse to feel any shame in the way that I am made. I have recently decided to occasionally refer to my illness as Tigger-Eeyore Disorder.

I think it is important to understand my relationship style if you want to engage in romance with me. It is predicated on two principles, that people are not possessions, and that love is not a finite resource that must be parceled out.

I believe that relationships (platonic and romantic) should be allowed to find their own level instead of trying to shape them to meet some sort of expectation. I just accept them as they are, and how they change over time, instead of trying to fit them to preconceived templates and be all bent when the relationships aren't "shaped" right.

I believe the all relationships should be based on CHOICE and not upon OBLIGATIONS.
What I’m doing with my life
To put it succinctly, world betterment through self betterment. I work hard to make myself a better person, so that I can be a positive force within my sphere of influence.

For craft, my focus at this time is writing. Prose, essays, and non-fiction. While I have been published and paid in the past, I am mostly pursuing self-publishing options at this time. My first self-published book, Programming Concepts for the Non-Programmer is available on Amazon.
I’m really good at
Self examination. Socrates said, "an unexamined life is unfit to live for a human being," and I have taken this to heart as part of my daily meditation practice.

I am a fair hand at Aikido, computer programming, cooking, and writing.
The first things people usually notice about me
That I probably need a shave and haircut.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
My favorite books include Stranger in a Strange Land, Anathem, Snow Crash, The Shockwave Rider, The Hobbit, Neuromancer, Musashi, The Lorax, Where the Wild Things Are, well, and many more. I am a word addict, and the Internet is like crack, something new to read every day. I also like comix, especially those by Alan Moore, Geoff Johns, and Neil Gaiman.

I also enjoy reading a variety of non-fictional books about my many and varied interests.

My favorite film of all time is Fritz Lang's Metropolis, closely followed by Star Wars (don't make me pick a favorite out of them!). The Fast Runner is a favorite, as are most of the films of Akira Kurosawa.

Music! When I was younger I was too Rock for the folk groups and to folk for the rock groups, but I made do. Lots of music flips my lid, but right now I really dig Coltrane, Hendrix, Traditional Irish and Scottish, Neil Anderson the Antipypr, Queen, Taiko drums, and techno, The Dresden Dolls, (And Amanda Palmer's work apart from this project), Coheed and Cambria. My current favorite song is Gang of Rhythm by Walk Off the Earth.

I have a background in theatre, and did more musicals than shows that weren't, so "show music" usually wins with me.
Six things I could never do without
As a Jedi I need to be mindful and be able to let go of what I fear to lose. While wary of unnecessary attachment I hope this list instead can substitute for attributes which I value.

Love, Freedom, Beauty (in the hearts around me), Creativity, truth, reason
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Why we have not yet achieved peace in the world, why the hungry go unfed, and why the rich continue to evade justice.

Applications of Peace in this world.

The mythological symbolism found in Star Wars.

My next programming project (there is always something new to code!)

New plots and new stories to write and where whatever I am writing will go next.

The comparative mythology of Superman

The Fermi Paradox.

The implications of that characters in musicals seem to gain information from the exposition in songs -- do people actually break out in song within the fictional narrative in which these characters exist, or is it a dramatic representation to the audience of pretty much just a plain old conversation that they had?
On a typical Friday night I am
Very few activities of mine fall regularly on the same night, with the exception of setting the trash cans on the curb (Tuesday). While no Friday is typical, it is more likely than not that I will either be reading, or writing.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I do not care for the "friends with benefits" dynamic. To me the real benefits of friendship are great conversations, shared activities, shared interests, and mutual emotional support for one another.

I do however, love having sex with very good friends on occasion.
You should message me if
(If you meet any ONE or more of the following, don't worry about meeting every list item)

If you would like a reply! I respond to all messages.
I attempt to reply to MOST messages.

Message me if you recognize the significance of the number 3263827

If you get as excited over 6EQUJ5 as I do.(Turns out it was a comet, alas)

If you understand that being bisexual does NOT mean that I am looking for "one of each".

If you would like me to look over and critique an essay contrasting and comparing Astrological Horoscopes with Myers-Briggs Personality Types (seriously, I would love to read this!).
The two of us