46Portland, United States
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My self-summary
Greetings!!! I am not the gal for everyone, more of an acquired taste...I am a smart ass and watch a great deal of television-well, netflix/hulu...I love animation I am re-watching Bleach and Kill la Kill right now and watch Attack on Titan, so yes, I enjoy anime, but also love Archer and Futurama and Rick and Morty, oh yeah I watch Preacher, Harlots oh and I love murder porn too....like Nightmare Next Door that sort of thing, and Hoarders.

When I am not deep into my viewing pleasure-or simultaneously, I run a non profit animal rescue out of my home-it is not as glamorous as it sounds, I am literally a poop butler. In addition, I work in the cannabis industry, both things take a great deal of time and energy...so in between cleaning poo and coddling prima dona plants, I rest watching fun shows....

My adult son lives with me...he is my best friend and is my favorite person ever-he has fibromyalgia, as do both my mother and myself. I am very loyal to my people-my son, parents, anyone who becomes part of my circle-loyalty is important to me. I kinda recently teased out that it was loyalty that I feel is the most important to me in all facets of my life...when it isn't returned or respected-well that sorta sucks-but, it isn't important to everyone-so, best to identify that right off.
What I’m doing with my life
I am just living the dream every day waiting for Publisher's Clearing House to come bring me my giant check and bundle of roses...in the meantime, I am cleaning up after these beastly animals and doing canna-business.

I am a home-body for the most part...I would prefer to stay home almost all the time if I could...if I am not home, I am usually out with my mother shopping for home stuff or cannabis or yard stuff...or we are at a trade show...I love trade shows for the networking and swag! Other than that-I am home-I do NOT hike, camp, run, recreate in any way....so if you are looking for an active partner-I am not it...I am super good at sitting in my nest.

Oh, I do Love Las Vegas, if I have the opportunity to get the hell outta here-that is where I run to. I used to be pretty high up on the players club, but haven't been able to go in 2 years so, I doing the sad backslide...I still get my free room, but less other stuff...sigh. Hopefully that will change soon and I will get back to it...but right now I have to focus
I’m really good at
Running with Scissors
Plays well with others(sometimes)
Calming jittery squirrels
I have really bendy thumbs
Tripping on a flat surface for no apparent reason
Six things I could never do without
This is just a general list-not for zombie-survival.

My mop is my favorite thing I love my mop-it is a self wringing model and I keep it ready to use in the utility sink because I have a very bad dog. I mop daily.

My cat Olive, she is my best friend.

lip gloss/chap stick-I am addicted.


Wipes-facial and cleaning-love em!

Oh and...my son, he is an adult-kinda, working on it-but is a great person and I wouldn't want to ever be without him in my life.

I am a "blanket girl" I love my blanket and become emotionally attached to it. I won't let it go until it is so threadbare and there is no stuffing left. I have attachment issues ;O)

This list subject to change at my whim
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Cheeses of the world.
On a typical Friday night I am
Well, sometimes, actually more often than I would like to admit, I am playing the home version of the ever popular games "find the smell" or "who peed here!?!" of course there are no winners in either game. But, if I finish in time I can relax and watch "my stories" just chill out and stop cleaning after these beasties and enjoy some zone out time. The old, "Who Peed Here?!? " game has been upgraded, it is now a more involved game where a cat with diarrhea runs through the house whilst having aforementioned issue jumping over safety gates and winding every which way....the game is to try and stop them...it is a trick because the more you try the worse it gets....yes, this is a tricky game....no winners! I play at least twice a week!
The two of us