43 Cleveland, United States
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My self-summary
Hi there. Yes, you. I see you looking at me...can I tell you a secret?

I have time-traveling ability. Unfortunately, I can only travel into the future. I haven't figured out how to go back into the past yet.

Anyway, on with my regularly scheduled profile.............

I don't know why I'm here. And I don't mean that existentially. :)

I'm a nice guy. From all the ads I read, most guys are a-holes, have tons of drama in their lives, no cars, live at home, no responsibility, no teeth, no job, full of themselves, play games......need I say more?......oh, yeah: send/ask for nude pix, etc., etc., etc. I am the TOTAL OPPOSITE of that. But I am still single.

I am college educated, single (divorced, but currently single, from what I hear a lot of guys w/wives/girlfriends are on here too), romantic, have manners, did I say single?

I have a sense of humor. I am a one-woman man. I am not married to sports or my car. I am not gay. I am not looking for a one-night stand.

I don't smoke. I'm not totally ugly. :)

I am a wee little on the heavy side, but not so bad you'd puke. I don't guess I'd be running a marathon anytime soon though. I wouldn't mind finding someone to walk with. Or play tennis. Or golf. Or frisbee. Or whatever. I can find almost anything fun, IF I'm with my lady. That's what I enjoy. I don't really have a hobby that springs to mind.

I am white, 5'9" or 5'10" and a Christian. (I guess that turns some people off?)

I don't mind kids, but don't have any of my own.

Anyway, if you want an adoring guy that you'll have the time of your life with, drop me a line.

Oh, yeah. If I missed something, let me know. Questions: ask!

I hope to hear from you. Oh, and if we hit it off, great. And if not, it'd be nice to just have someone to talk to, y'know?

Also...drug/disease free. Used to smoke, but quit 10 yrs ago. I am sorry to say the smell of cigarette smoke almost makes me nauseous, so if you do smoke, I don't think it'll work.

Ugh. Reading over my ad, I think I just about wore off the "I" button. I didn't say anything about you.

I don't have a "type." If we're attracted to each other, I guess that's the main thing. (And I don't just mean looks. Heavier women can be attractive. Beautiful women are sometimes b*tches.)

I tend to be attracted to lighter skinned/white women. Like I said, shoot me a pix & we'll go from there.

Now the only problem is that I don't think women actually read personals ads. Prove me wrong!

Shoot. I keep thinking of stuff I've forgotten to say. I try to ALWAYS tell the truth. I think that communication, trust, honesty & respect are foundations of a good relationship. I've been called sincere. So, again, I don't play games. I don't mince words.