43Berkeley, United States
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My self-summary
Not interested in a relationship other than the one I'm in.

If you are looking at this, it is because you are curious about who checked out your profile (I admit a little unhealthy curiosity about who okcupid picks for me and drops in my email; it's like people watching except you get to peer into personalities instead of just gawk at appearances).

Just in case you suffer the same ailment, 10 things about me...
(1) I finished my doctorate at Berkeley four years ago. I work for a economic research institute of the University of Munich most of the time, which means I spend most of my days writing academic articles and solving math problems. I have also been a visiting professor at a Grande Ecole in Lyon, France for a couple years and I am the scientific assistant to a European microeconomics research network. I make about half my living off accumulated investments, though, because academics get paid next to nothing. I have been a full-time university lecturer, a researcher in many disciplines of the natural and social sciences, a policy analyst, a venture capitalist, an entrepreneur, engineer, a computer repairman, construction worker and grocery store clerk. I enjoyed them all, and am always looking for the next profession.

(2) Although I am all left brain, I find artists, my wife included, very attractive. I have tremendous respect and fascination for people who do things I cannot.

(3) People describe me as insensitive and intense in both positive and negative ways. (My Bavarian friends describe me as "griabig;" if there is good English translation I don't know it.)
Insensitive: I poorly perceive others' feelings, but nothing rattles me either -- I was born for crises and competition.
Intense: No friend complains of boredom, but some partners, whether we share a bedroom or a boardroom, express occasional exhaustion.
Two favorite quotes from my Berkeley students' evaluations:
"Extremely smart and well-prepared; could be a little more human though." "A vicious thinker, but also just a bit vicious."
Despite my hard edges, I am a generous softy when you tell me what you need (or I slowly figure it out).

(4) I am not on the market, so I won't post a picture, but more than a few friends think I look like a younger Kiefer Sutherland. I am blonde with high cheek bones and broad shoulders, but friends also indicate my resemblance to the protagonist of 24 is not merely physical. Furthermore, there is enough information in here to Google me for a recent press photo--if you are that curious there is no stopping you.

(5) I have made and lost several small fortunes and don't expect the trend to change. I love capitalism, but abhor consumerism. Money is just power to get good things done in this world; I don't really like stuff.

(6) Although I live near the city (an academic's curse), I am always most comfortable in the rural mountains (where I grew up). I would spend all day, every day in the outdoors if I could find a paying intellectual challenge in it. My fantasy is a portable computing workstation with wireless T1 connectivity and a boss who'd let me solve math problems and write from an alpine vista.

(7) I have worked in 6 different countries in Europe, the Far East and the Middle East in assignments lasting several months to years. I vacation in dozens of lands. I currently live about half time in the US and half time in Germany. I store most of my meager possessions in a house I own in the Berkeley Hills, so I call it home.

(8) Like many, I like to travel, but I do it differently than most, since I do it so much (I average about three countries a month). I never try to see all the highlights in a location, just a couple things I haven't enjoyed before and maybe revisit some I cherished last time. More fundamentally, I love new experiences from new foods and new places and people, to new knowledge and skills to new sensations and thrills (a strong sense of loyalty to and love for my wife keeps me out of trouble).

(9) At any given moment, I have strong political views, but I adjust them regularly, and they never align with any parties'. Forced to choose I presently identify as a moderate libertarian, but not because I believe in the sacredness of individual rights, but because I believe that people left alone generally do what is best for themselves (and those close to them). Occasionally, the government needs to coordinate us, but the justifications for that are far rarer than the present state of the world would make them appear.

(10) When I recreate, there is nothing I would rather do than enjoy challenging conversation with friends, family (and often an adult beverage). If that comes at the end of a 30 mile hike in the mountains, it's even better.
The two of us