26San Francisco, United States
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My self-summary
A long time ago I used to have words words words here -- whole heaps them! It felt forced and isn't how I want to approach this. Today I made life simpler and deleted it all. Without further ado, a little about me:

* (A?)typical SF turbo nerd, my lifelong passion is robotics
* Place a high value on time, both other people's and my own
* Respectful, thoughtful, curious, creative, clean, self-aware, vaguely boyscoutish, other adjectives
* Avid runner, take good care of my body (you only get one)
* Proud owner of a kinda fucked up sense of humor
* Conflicted about online dating, but can't think of a better way to meet people given how busy I am
* Good with ideas, bad with logistics, somehow always have something planned
* Understands cellphone etiquette

We don't know each other yet, but ideally you:

* Live in SF or come here regularly for work or something
* Are an outside person, rarely sedentary and enjoy being active
* Emotionally stable, confidant and in control of where you're headed in life
* Appreciates art in some way and likes talking about it occasionally
* Have friends that are functioning members of society and not a pack of serial killers, wild dogs or milano cookies
* Don't care much about your or my age
* Have spent 1-2 years living somewhere other than California (the longer/farther away the better) and are aware of life outside our bubble
* Fundamentally, you enjoy places and experiences more than things
* Also understand cellphone etiquette and why something like that is important
The two of us