35San Mateo, United States
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My self-summary
Let's get this out of the way: I'm a gamer. I've been gaming since sitting on my mom's knee playing Rocky's Boots and making a living off it since I got my first job. I left games for a bit to work at Google, then realized that working at Google didn't involve working on games and took a 50% pay cut to go back into the game industry.

As you've probably figured out by now, if you don't like video games things are probably not going to work out well between us.

I seem to tear this profile down and completely rebuild it every few years. I'm replacing it now and going oh man what were you thinking zorba this is not you but, hey, let's be honest here, it was me, it just ain't anymore. The profile is a metaphor for my life. Surprise! Two topics, one paragraph, booyeah

And just to put this up front, I'm in a poly relationship with Noressa. She is pretty dang excellent. If poly isn't your thing, then romantic this shall not go.
What I’m doing with my life
This will come as a surprise to you: it is video games.

Right now I'm in the middle of starting the Digital Game Museum, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving gaming culture. Because I'm insane, this is what I've chosen to fill my spare time. My day job is senior engineer at a AAA MMORPG studio. In my spare spare time I'm playing games, developing games, analyzing games, and oh yeah there is this thing called a "wedding" that's coming up in a few months that may possibly be important. I guess I should look into that a bit more. (edit: it turns out weddings are complicated)

Part of me is looking at this and thinking "wow zorba you really are focused on this one small thing", but I sorta don't see it as a small thing. Games are art. I'm an artist. I'm an artist in a medium that isn't quite respected as art, but it's a medium that I deeply consider art, it's a medium that I care about, and it's a medium that I can delve into at extraordinary length. So, yeah, I'm quite deeply wrapped up in the world of gaming.

And then there's all the side things like hanging out with friends and going to see movies and taking road trips up and down coasts but I don't consider those to be things I'm doing "with my life", just things I'm doing. Like, I mean, a third of my life is spent sleeping, but I'm not gonna say "I AM SPENDING MY LIFE SLEEPING" as if that is somehow a meaningful answer.

There are far more interesting things to focus on than sleeping :V
I’m really good at
oh come on you know the answer to this one by now
The first things people usually notice about me

Not their interest in me, I'm not gonna be all "yeah, ladies look at me and instantly swoon, it's like I'm Leonardo DiCaprio back when he was making a movie about a really big boat (flexes abs)".

No, my interest in whatever the hell it is that you're interested in. My life has gotten more and more tied up in learning about other people and learning about what fascinates them, and I'll carry on a conversation about damn near anything if I can get a foothold.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
Lately I've been doing the equivalent of just turning the faucet on and seeing what comes out. I ask friends for suggestions, I don't ask a single question about what they've just suggested for me, I just grab it and devour it in whatever manner is most appropriate. Even when the thing isn't good, it's usually interesting, and I'm often going through it two or three times just to carefully pick apart what makes it tick and what makes it thud.

I think I watched the movie Robots four times. It's not a particularly good movie, but it makes a fantastic case study on how not to make a good plotline. There are some bits they nail (see: the entire Rodney Fixes A Ton Of Robots montage) and there are many bits they totally fuck up (see: everything between Rodney getting kicked out of Bigweld HQ and Rodney meeting Piper for the first time.)

And now I've spent an entire paragraph talking about a deeply mediocre movie as an answer to the "favorite movies" question. Awesome.

Okay, take 2: I watched Redline like six times because that movie has the most gorgeous animation I have ever seen holy shit it's amazing you must watch that movie. The anime movie about racing, not the crappy live-action movie about racing. There. It's Redline. Question answered let's move on.

. . . oh, and, uh, Ethiopian. Seriously best food ever. NEXT.
Six things I could never do without
Toss me on a desert island and I'm gonna want something for inspiration, something for discussion, and something for recording. Let's break this thing down.

Inspiration: This is basically the "what if your favorite (insert-media-here)" question revisited. Imagination is like a compost heap. You toss a bunch of scraps in there, cover it up and let the worms do their magic, toss a handful of seeds in, and you get a metaphorical orchard. Keep me supplied with scraps and I'm happy. So . . . moderately-sized fiction library washed ashore? DVD player equipped with humanity's thousand best and thousand worst movies? Every CD released between 1994 and 2007? Sure. Good 'nuff.

Discussion: In retrospect I perhaps should not have set this post on a desert island. It's tough to create in a vacuum - you always need other people to bounce things off. One person's genius is another person's idiocy. So I suppose I'll need several other desert islands to collide with mine. Or we can take the easy way out and toss an Internet connection on the island, although you'd think I'd use it to, y'know, get off the island.

Recording: I'm a creator. I gotta have some way to me to create, and there's only so much data you can store in carefully-placed coconuts. If we're going to go the Internet-connection route then I suppose I'll just write things online, otherwise I'd quite enjoy either a limitless supply or paper or a computer.

I sort of want to put a jokey answer in like "ho ho, I could not live without hot showers/hot chocolate/hot food from (insert trendy diner here)!" but I did a lot of camping as a kid and I'm surprisingly comfortable being out in the middle of nowhere with very little on me. Drop me in a desert without any tools and I'd happily set about trying to build shelter and trap food, I'm not gonna sit there agonizing over a lack of luxuries.

And then I'd die of exposure because I'd have no idea what I was doing but we'll just ignore that for now.
I spend a lot of time thinking about

Fun is a super tricky concept. People spend a fascinating amount of effort to avoid fun. I've concluded that game design is the process of fooling players into having fun.
On a typical Friday night I am
There's kinda two typical Friday nights.

One of them involves me diving head-first into whatever project I'm working on. Lately, that's meant museum exhibit design, museum research, or doing all that grunt work of trying to acquire new sponsors and new funding. After that, curl up with the fiancee on the couch to eat dinner and watch a movie or something. And then, more often than not, it's back to work - my todo list hasn't been less than three hundred lines for months.

The other and far more fun Friday night involves slacking the hell off. Sometimes that's booting up Tribes: Ascend or Path of Exile and going to kill lots of stuff with the fiancee. Sometimes that's going out on some trek to a restaurant or a special event. On serious holidays, that involves wandering around whatever city we're in and seeing whatever sights we end up seeing. Frequently, this has little connection to what we intended to see, but that's just how things go.

I tend to be a bit of an introvert, so there's not gonna be any "ONE TIME I DRANK EIGHTEEN BEERS THEN PUKED ON A DOLPHIN" stories here.

Art or companionship. One of the two.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
When I was a kid, I considered other people to be kind of irrelevant and uninteresting. Today, I consider other people to be absolutely fascinating in a sort of let's-analyze-your-motivations kind of way.

I am not entirely sure this is an improvement.
You should message me if
. . . you want to talk about fun and game design, and see how it ties into your particular hobbies.

(Which I guarantee it does, somehow. Yep. That's a challenge. Bring it.)
The two of us