28Alhambra, United States
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My self-summary
Hi! I'm mostly on here looking for vegetarian or vegan friends (or maybe more), since this is the only site that shows me that right on the profile. I'd love to meet any other people, though.

I'm also on here because I'm far too weird and awkward to befriend people in person. I feel like the only way I could make any kind of connection is to meet on here and talk for a while until we meet in person. Maybe by that point, someone will know me well enough that they won't mind it.

I'm vegetarian mostly for ethical and environmental reasons.

I enjoy exploring and I have quite a list of world icons to visit someday, .

I listen to lots of music and play a little.

I play video games, but I mainly like Nintendo and adventure games and I'm not into shooters and crime games. I also really avoid MMORPG's. Seriously, Animal Crossing eats enough free time.

Just to show where I stand on the general issues, I'll say that I have a far-left viewpoint (left for America anyway). I'm non-religious, feminist, pro-choice and I believe in national gay marriage, universal healthcare, and equal and enforced taxes on the rich. I would also like for the US to pull out of all our unnecessary conflicts and stop wasting money on weapons.
What I’m doing with my life
I've got two part-time retail jobs, and I'll be starting again at community college once I've saved a bit.
"Two-year college" in the details section really means a tech course at a vocational school, there was just no option for it. That path hasn't gone anywhere yet, though.
I’m really good at
Remembering names and exact dates.

I'm really good at memorizing lyrics and I know all the words to hundreds of songs. Shame I can't sing.XD

Being awkward and blanking out around people I don't know well.
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
I'm pretty familiar with most "classic" literature and know the expected ones pretty well. My favorite in that genre is 'The Count of Monte Cristo'. I also love Poe stories. For somewhat more modern, I loved 'The Great Gatsby'. I own a few books by George Carlin and Scott Adams among other random ones.

I like mostly Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi, and fantasy. Some of note would be:
The Pirates of the Caribbean series
Star Wars
Johnny English
The Princess Bride
The Breakfast Club
Jurassic Park
Marvel movies in general
The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Spirited Away

I'll give pretty much any movie a chance, though.

I haven't watched a current TV show in about 5 years, probably. The most recent things I've watched regularly were House, Bones, and Fringe. I still go online to watch Home Improvement, Married With Children, Drew Carey, Becker, the 60's Get Smart, early-mid Simpsons, Family Guy, some South Park, and lots of 90's cartoons, however.

I like just about anything from the 50's through the early 90's, and a tiny bit of current music but not a whole lot. There's at least one song in any genre I like, but I'd say I like classic rock and Motown the best.

Here's what I have the most from but I have at least one song from hundreds of other artists:
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
The Ramones
The Misfits
The Rolling Stones
Jimi Hendrix
The Doors
The Byrds
David Bowie
Bob Dylan
Pink Floyd
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Temptations
The Four Tops
Judas Priest
Black Sabbath
Guns N' Roses

I also love comedy. I have full collections of Bill Maher, George Carlin and Lewis Black, and one each of Jim Norton, Ellen Degeneres and Ralphie May.

Well, I don't eat meat for ethical and health reasons, but other than that, I really haven't found anything that I don't like.
Six things I could never do without

I spend a lot of time thinking about
How everything's made and how it all started, how the distant celestial bodies look up close....

The origin of words and phrases: what the roots mean, what the individual words mean to each other, how the phrase changed or evolved over time to how we use it today..

All the myriad ways we could fix the economy, slow climate change, clean the air, clean the ocean and eradicate disease if people in power weren't too greedy and unmotivated.
On a typical Friday night I am
Either at work or trying to save the country with signs.
You should message me if
We have something common that you'd like to talk about.

You like shy, modest, dorky and thoughtful.

You're vegetarian too! I actually don't have many vegetarian friends and I'd love to have that in common with more people
The two of us