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My self-summary
Howdy! I'm an adventurous guy with a ready grin and zest for life. I read and write all the time, and am intensely curious. I seek out fun, games, and challenge, joyfully ƃuıpuıɟ them amidst the rσutínє. I love movies and music and make short films and long podcasts. I like to create things, as I'm a crafty fellow with good hands and a powerful imagination. I have a big vice: I can't walk by an open door that I don't know where it leads... without taking a peek in! :-)

I have several mottos in life. "Leave things in better condition than when you found it." "Grow in perpetual motion." "Reflect on the good you see, and reflect back goodness to others." "Being honorable never goes out of style." And one of my personal favorites: "Anything worth doing... is worth doing to excess." ;-)

After a great deal of soul searching, I've concluded that if I ever went on a shamanistic vision quest my totem animal would be a frog. :-P

What do you think your totem animal would be, and why?
What I’m doing with my life
Lessee, here's a list of what I'm up to as of February 2017 (in no particular order):

Body Sculpting - After some surprising info on mineral balance and mercury poisoning, a change in diet has resulted in some amazing body changes. I've also converted to being a foodatarian, someone who only eats food instead of the edible products foisted on us as food. What are the essentials in your own diet?

Publishing a book - My latest non-fiction book is called the Character Creation Guide, which is the first in the Kim's RPG Master Class series. I'm getting a huge education in indie publishing even as we speak... :-O

Writing some books - The first is called "My Years as President: The Potential of Citizen Government", the second is "Yes, and How Can We? A Guide to Productive Outlook." Can you see the connection between them? :-)

Diddling with primes - I've recently been on fire mathematically and have proven a number of famous open conjectures about the primes. Besides math problems, what else are you geeked by?

Necessarily mothering invention - I've also been on an inventing kick of late, mainly focused around desalination, broadcasting, and renewable energies. How do you renew your own energy?

Home improvement - After all the renovation that I've done, I can honestly say... I'm very good with my hands. ;-) How important is nesting and a home to you?

Oh, I'm also getting a traffic violation in all 50 states of the union before I die. I'm up to 47 and counting... :-)

What's the zaniest thing you've ever done? How did you feel about doing it?
I’m really good at
Communicating. Listening. Empathizing. Asking the Right Question. Being Helpful. Telling the Hard Truths. Cracking Jokes*. Laughing. Reading. Writing. 'Rithmetic. Reasoning. Computer Stuff. Creating Stuff. Carpentry. Home Improvement. Using my Hands. Hearing my Heart. Sustaining Flow. Challenging my Mind. Hugging. Snuggling. Stroking. Organizing. Pattern Matching. Connecting Tangents. Predicting Outcomes. Finding the win-win. Oral Presentation. Oral Sex^. Oh, and writing bullet points. :-)

* Ability to crack jokes valid only in the continental United States. Humor void where prohibited.

^ I'm actually really really good at this. Kissing, too. Um, I've got a serious oral fixation thing going on... :-P

If you are really really good at something, do you prefer to flaunt it or hide it?
The first things people usually notice about me
Is that I'm loud, apparently oblivious to social etiquette, and seem to speak before I think. This has the downside of initially setting a lot of people on edge. At the same time, it has the big upside of eventually making people feel comfortable with sharing their private thoughts, and them valueing my forthright and honest observations. Of all my close friends, about half began thinking that I was brash, reckless, and insensitive and later came to the conclusion that I was genuine, sincere, and attentive.

So much for first impressions. 8^)

What's your take on first impressions? What is other people's first impression of you... and how accurate is it?
Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food
(Books) The Odyssey, my most favoritest book of all time. Actually, I'm making a musical out of it. The Siren scene is going to kick booty. ;-) I'm also cobbling together a list of the Top 100 Books that have changed my life:

(Movies) Wow, that's tough. I like a lot of different movies for different reasons. Terminator 2 for pure action, When Harry Met Sally for the human touch, The Shawshank Redemption for the great characters, To Kill A Mockingbird for the innocent nobility, The Princess Bride for the dramatic comedy, What Dreams May Come for the soul-deep romance, Batman Begins for the bass waves alone, the Matrix for the stylistic innovation, Toy Story 3 for the moving tears, and South Park because it is perhaps the finest movie musical ever made.

(Music) Almost any one-hit wonder from the 80s. My favorite internet radio station is BobFM from Winnipeg. Recently I started liking MikeFM and JackFM... basically I like all the FM brothers. :-P

(Food) I've got a ginormous appetite :-O ... combined with amazing restraint :-X Heh, ask me sometime about my stint as a restaurant critic, or any of my numerous rescapades. :-P

Do you prefer friends with similar tastes to yours... or substantially different?
Six things I could never do without
Humor / Perspective
Compassion / Kindness
Purpose / Drive
Tools, in particular my Laptop
Connection, especially of the Internet variety 8^)

How do you feel about deliberate deprivation (e.g. fasting, "roughing it", going cold turkey, etc.)?
I spend a lot of time thinking about
Hmmm... It's probably more revealing to mention what I don't spend any time thinking about:
(*) other people's uninformed opinions, of me or anything else
(*) conforming to social norms
(*) doing what's easy instead of what's right
(*) intentionally harming others or taking advantage of them

Other than that, most topics are fair game. And yes, that means I've thought quite extensively about maximizing multiple orgasms for both partners. :-P

How often do you think about what other people think or feel? ... about you?
On a typical Friday night I am
Doing what I do most nights: out with friends eating and making merry, or talking with friends, or e-mailing friends. (Notice a pattern here? ;-) Since I work on my own schedule, Friday doesn't have much meaning for me any more.

I'm usually not at a bar, club, or dancing; I prefer smaller gatherings where I can get to know people to larger ones where people "shop around". I don't subscribe to the "numbers game" method of dating droves of people quickly; I only want to find one woman... the right one. :-)

Would you say you are more romantic or pragmatic in your search for a mate? Why?
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
Hah! I have nothing private to admit. No really, I post all my dirty secrets publically online (and have been for years, well before the blogging generation):


Be forewarned that perusing my web site isn't for the faint of heart. But if you have daring and fortitude, you can learn more about me than you would ever possibly want to know...

How would you feel about your life being an open book to the public?
You should message me if
If you want to reach out and touch me. ;-)

Okay, really message me if you like conversation and feel communication is important. If you feel personal integrity is essential to your sanity and soul. If adventure is a vital component in your life, or one you want to have in it. And if you think that being kind to people is worth still striving for despite the fact that no good deed goes unpunished.

Check out my website for more info about me and what I'm looking for in a partner:


Oh, and feel free to respond to any of the questions posed in my profile... or to even better ones you want to answer! :-)

(-: ¡ɹǝpuoʍ ɟo ǝsuǝs ɐ dǝǝʞ puɐ `ʎoɾuǝ
The two of us