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Were you expecting a different pic? I already fulfilled my 80s movie quota by including Falcor.

Gremlins are mischievous sprites who are exceptionally skilled with machines. Ideal for someone who likes wreaking havok in subtle yet diabolical ways. For example, you can use your Gremlin to sabbotage your friend's new Giant Robot. You terrorist.

The opposite of the Gremlin is, not surprizingly, the Giant Robot. It's good version is the Faerie.

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You like your pets big, dumb, and nasty. While highly destructive and nearly impossible to control, the T-Rex is not too bright and can be easily outwitted. This is a good pet for someone wit... Read more

Giant Robot

Although ungainly and sometimes destructive, the Giant Robot means well and seeks only to please its owner. Though it can process millions of calculations per nanosecond, it lacks common sense and a ... Read more


A petrifying gaze, a fiendish intelligence, and, let's face it, a lack of respect for authority make the Gorgon the most life-threatening pet this test has to offer. I know I'm not the only one... Read more


Loyal, sagacious, and with his head in the clouds, Falcor is the perfect pet for those who are adventurous, innocent at heart, and have a keen intellect. Own a Luck Dragon and you will never b... Read more


As I'm sure you know, Zombies are soulless, re-animated corpses that crave the flesh of the living. What you may not know is that Zombies are also slavishly obedient to the dark sorcerer or Vo... Read more


Who wouldn't want an attractive, incredibly powerful spirit waiting on them hand and foot? Though the Genie aims to please, his/her drawback is a naiveté regading human affairs that can somet... Read more


Were you expecting a different pic? I already fulfilled my 80s movie quota by including Falcor. b... Read more


Faeries are ethereally beautiful woodland sprites who are disproportionately powerful with respect to their tiny size. They can perform tedious tasks with lightning speed and are capable of us... Read more

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