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Jonathan Davis

You scored 29 occultism, 39 hedonism, 38 depression, and 36 anger!

You sing about sex, sadomasochism, depression, and rage. You're the total package, but you don't really go for the Satanic things. You will forever be remembered as someone who revolutionized heavy metal music.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • occultism Distribution

    They scored 29% on occultism, higher than 59% of your peers.

  • hedonism Distribution

    They scored 39% on hedonism, higher than 63% of your peers.

  • depression Distribution

    They scored 38% on depression, higher than 64% of your peers.

  • anger Distribution

    They scored 36% on anger, higher than 49% of your peers.

All possible test results

You're not metal

You didn't score very high on anything, and that means you're not that metal. Metal is about extremes, no matter what kind it is. Now, Rob Halford here is going to have sex with you, whether you like ... Read more

Phil Anselmo

Rage is your game, and that's what you sing about. Or rather, I should say, you scream about. That's why you're the former frontman of Pantera. You're a legend in the metal universe, and rightfully so... Read more

Aaron Lewis

You are the singer of Staind. You're basically just a whiny pussy and you think you're a lot more talented than you really are. You'll probably make a really good album or two, but then you'll sell ou... Read more

Layne Staley

You sing sad songs because you're depressed. Life gets you down sometimes, and sometimes it pisses you off, and singing is your way of getting it out. You do drugs and alcohol and then use it to write... Read more

Lemmy Kilmister

You are the ultimate hedonist, Lemmy Kilmister, vocalist and bassist for the legendary band Motorhead. You like booze and women, and you're not afraid to sing about it. You should, by all rights, die ... Read more

Ted Nugent

You're the freakin' Nuge, man! You sing about sex and all that fun stuff, but you also like to shoot things, like a real man. Hell yes! Read more

Peter Steele

You're the singer / bass player for Type O Negative, because you like the ladies but you're also kind of goth about it. You've appeared in Playgirl magazine and had an album cover once that was actual... Read more

Jonathan Davis

You sing about sex, sadomasochism, depression, and rage. You're the total package, but you don't really go for the Satanic things. You will forever be remembered as someone who revolutionized heavy me... Read more

King Diamond

All hail Satan! Yes hail Satan! You are the frontman with the widest vocal range of all time, leader of Mercyful Fate and solo efforts. You sing about the devil and praise his name for all time. You c... Read more

Tom Araya

You are Tom Araya, frontman of the iconic thrash/speed metal band Slayer. You like to sing about the devil, war, and everything else that's scary in the world, and you sing it to hard and fast music. ... Read more

Maynard James Keenan

You're the frontman for A Perfect Circle and the ubiquitous Tool. You're without a doubt one of the best vocalists in the heavy metal genre today. You hate God and you're not happy about it. You're al... Read more

Till Lindemann

You sing for Rammstein, and you'll sing about corpses sometimes. You're also really pissed off and sometimes depressed. The thing is, though, that you only sing in German, so no one really knows what ... Read more

Rob Zombie

You sing about the devil, but you like to put hot chicks on the cover of your albums. Hey, who can't go along with that? You're also married to a really hot blonde and you love bad horror movies, and ... Read more

Marilyn Manson

You do a little bit of everything that makes metal what it is, without crying about it, and that's why you're Marilyn Manson. You're always controversial, but you're talented too, and very intelligent... Read more

Glenn Danzig

You like the darker side of things, but you're not necessarily happy about it. You also love scantily clad women in your videos, and women love your sweaty muscles when you're on stage. You're Danzig,... Read more

Ozzy Osbourne

You've sung about the devil, and booze, but you're also in touch with the sadder side of things. You just might bite the head off of a small animal, and no one can understand a word you say (unless yo... Read more

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