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Their result for The what martial art should i take Test ...

Mix Master

You scored 53 distance, 47 forms, 70 strike, and 68 grapple!

I would think about styles of karate that also teach judo and jujitsu techniques.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • distance Distribution

    They scored 53% on distance, higher than 61% of your peers.

  • forms Distribution

    They scored 47% on forms, higher than 39% of your peers.

  • strike Distribution

    They scored 70% on strike, higher than 77% of your peers.

  • grapple Distribution

    They scored 68% on grapple, higher than 75% of your peers.

All possible test results

run away!

perhaps your best suited to just running away. Read more

The Slow Hand

Youre best suited to softer styles of jujitsu. Your focus will be unbalancing and enemy and applying locks and pins. There will probably be many redundant techniques to build up a good base of options... Read more

Olympic Boxer

Youre best suited to amatuer boxing. You like to strike but you dont want to commit too much. Read more

Get' er Done

Youre best suited to the mixed martial arts. Youre going to be close and fairly dirty, you like to get things done quickly. Read more

Pofessional Boxer

youre best suited to professional boxing. You really love to slug. Boxing the most economical and powerful strking art. Maybe you can throw in some kicks and knees when youre not in the ring, its all ... Read more

Bar Fighter

Youre best suited to the mixed martial arts. You prefer to hit but you can choke or throw when its good to. I bet you also like hitting people with bottles ;). Read more

Kata Krazy

Youre best suited to tai chi or a sport oriented karate school. Read more


Youre best suited to judo (but dont expect to win in shiai). Youd like the judo kata like ju-no-kata or koshiki-no-kata. Read more

Silky Slim

You would be good in the less power oriented styles of karate that use natural flowing movements. Read more

Budo Disciple

You would do in the traditional well rounded jujitsu schools. Read more

Sucker Punch

You should consider amateur boxing or new outlooks on boxing that teach stance switches and other new arts. Read more

Take Down King

You like to stay close and do all kinds of nasty things. You would be good in the mixed martial arts. Read more


Youre best suited to ninjitsu. Read more

Bend like a reed

Youre best suited to softer aiki styles like (original) hapkido, daito-ryu aikijukitsu, and the softest styles of aikido. Read more


You would do well in Tae Kwan Do or kick boxing. Read more


Youre best suited to Bruce Lee's art, Jeet Kune Do. I wont say anything about Kung Fu because you hate forms. Read more

body == weapon

Youre best suited to Muai Thai but you could also do Tae Kwan Do or the french art of savate (boxe-francais). Read more

Mix Master

I would think about styles of karate that also teach judo and jujitsu techniques. Read more

The Slow Path

Youre best suited to tai chi-chaun styles with minimal combat emphasis. Read more

Masaktasu Agatsu

Youre best suited to hombu dojo style aikido. Read more

Silk Reeler

You would be great in tai-chi chuan styles that still keep a good combat emphasis. Read more

Stategy and Tactics

You seem suited to medium chinese internal arts like bagua and tsing-i. You may also do well in chinese animal named styles. Read more

Mr./Ms. Karate

Youre best suited to traditional karate-do or a similar art. You dont like to get too close and you should enjoy learning lots of kata. Read more

Budo Bone Breaker

Your best suited to harder style of aikido or juijitsu. In aikido i recommend tomiki, yoshinkan, yoseikan budo, and the like. Check out harder jujitsu styles also or aikijutsu would be excellent too. Read more

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