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Strip Bar

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Strip Bar: (YOU ARE A TEASE)


Your 'COOL' score means your ready for FUN.

Your 'HOT' score says it all.Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Your 'FOOL' score says you know how to play the role.

Your 'NOT' score says you might NOT ... if the cops are around.


Umm, Yes! My kinda fool!

(Well, I know I cant be the ONLY person to be kicked out of bars for public nudity!)

You put a lot of effort into getting dressed up for the bar, you should keep those clothes on! (or at least get some beer money to take them off) Although a nice person, You've been kicked out of a few bars (public intox/disorderly) >wink<



The bartenders first thoughts as you walk threw the door . . . They are hoping the thong is micro, or you might of forgot to put one on (if females) or going commando (if male) "free-balling" YEAH . . . the drinks go down good, and they know the clothes come off sooner or later!

The hotties thoughts as you try to talk with them . . . Wondering how many more drinks they have to buy before the "Strip Show" starts!

Now here's that FREE advice I promised you:

(The silly little -SAM SAYS:- threaded threw-out this test where actually a little advice gave already.) Really I don't mind your type A personality. You could offend the more prudish types though. (I say, if you don't like it ... you don't have to look) Keep up the good work ...

Oh, can I buy you a drink?

In an attempt to make this a little more fun and entertaining I thought I'd stick with the theme of 'Cheers' and include our friend Sam and a few others from the 'Cheers' bar. Each giving there own perspective on your results (final score)

*You come walking in the bar* Sam says: "Whoa, Looks like drinks are on the house!"

Norm says: "HUH? WHAT? Am I dreaming ... set me up ... SAMMY!"

Coach says: "Good God Sam! I could use one, it suddenly got HOT in here ... Or is it just me?"

Cliff says: "Hey Carla, did you hear Sam, He said drinks are on me!"

Carla : *Throws drink on Cliff*

Woody says: "Ha-Ha Mr. Clavin, I guess the drinks are on you!"

Sam says: "Woody - funny thing about your name ..."


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Strip Bar

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