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What to say....?

Well, you can walk away saying you tried

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Oh, Come on!

Did you even ever watch the show? Your score was terrible! Read more


It was a bit challenging, but not THAT challenging. Read more

What to say....?

Well, you can walk away saying you tried Read more

There are reruns

Try checking your local TV listings, watching a month or two worth of episodes, and try again. Read more

Ode to George

Much like George once said you are, "in the meaty part of the curve; not showing off, not falling behind". Take that how you want. Read more


A decent performance, but one that I think even Newman could beat you on. Read more

Showing effort

This part of the scale shows you have seen the show quite a bit, but maybe just didn't pick up some of the areas covered. Read more


Can't complain too much with this score. Shows some definite effort. Read more

The "B" Range

Gotta give some props to you. Kramer would still applaude this score. Read more

Da Man

You really showed that you know your stuff. Congrats on having true knowledge "about nothing". Read more

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