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This score means that you answered 7 of my questions correctly. This is an incredible accomplishment. I traveled back in time and gave this test to Einstein, and he only got a 5 (of course he was only 4 at the time he took it). I'm sure you already knew that you were smart, but now I know too. If you really want to know what you got wrong you can write me with your answers and I'll tell you. Cheers!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have written many many tests for fun on this site. Feel free to choose another one from my handy categories. If you liked a test, please rate it before continuing.

Intelligence tests (all with answer keys)

The are you Smarter Than a 1st Grader Test Test your school smarts against my 1st graders.
The Proper Urinal Etiquette Test
The State Locator Challenge I'll show you a picture of a state, you tell me which one it is.
The 10 Tricky Anagram Puzzles Test A fun quirky IQ test.
The Following Directions IQ Test The name says it all. Perhaps my trickiest IQ test.
The Take the Jeopardy Challenge Test A great tests for fans of jeopardy. Somewhat lengthy.

"Which character am I" tests

The Your Sesame Street Persona test By far, my most popular test.
The Smurf Personality Test 16 smurfy possibilities. Smurf facts included.
The Your Seinfeld Identity Test Surely the only test here that uses "Kavorka" as a variable.
The Life in Hell Test Which rabbit are you in this Matt Groening (The Simpsons) strip?.

Tests that are actually games

The Real Choose Your Own Adventure Test 29 possible endings. Uses internal links to navigate.
The Survivor Game Great fun for fans of the T.V. show. Complex scoring algorithm.
What will you do for a Klondike Bar? Life and death hangs on each choice you make.
The Morphed Faces (with a reward) test Quick. Kind of dumb but fun.
Let's Play Rocks Paper Scissors Takes less than a minute. Bet you can't win?
The Murder Mystery Flash Game A dumb addictive flash game I did not create.

Death related test

The Wecome To Your Funeral Test Tells you who attends your funeral and when you'll die.
The Who's Dying First Test See if you are likely to outlast me on this planet.
Would Jesus Die For Your Sins? Short and sarcastic (like me!)

Bizarre compatability tests

The Choose Your Next Planet Test When ours becomes inhabitable, where should you go?
The Would Judge Judy Yell at YOU test? Can you escape her wrath? Probably not.
The If We Were Both Lesbians... Sure you dig my tests. But would you dig me...as a woman?
The Would Zeppo Sleep with you test My very 1st test. Would my cat date you or more?
The Yankees or Red Sox fan test Which team SHOULD you root for. Fun questions.

The rest (or the "Could be deleted any day tests...")

The Do You Know the Muffin Man Test No clue how to describe this test.
The Let is snow? Let it snow test This test will tell you if you like snow. Seriously.
You too can get 10,000 takers The author reveals his secrets to creating popular tests.
The Smokey the Bear Forest Fire Test This test is really pathetic. Don't take it.

All possible test results

The Skipper

I told you to always guess. You missed the simple directions on the first page! Boo! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------... Read more

Monkey IQ

Don't quit your day job. You tied what a monkey would get if it was making random clicks. A monkey having an off day I might add. Nice try anyway! ----------------------------------------------... Read more

Better than a Monkey

You got either 2 or 3 correct. Hey, you were able to beat (barely) a monkey that was randomly choosing answers. Now that is something to be proud about!! I'm sure you have a winning personality to ... Read more

Above Average

Looks like you probably got either 3 or 4 questions correct. Good work. You are way better at following directions than my 1st grade students! Some of these questions were tough!----------------... Read more

A Sharp Cookie

Looks like you got either 4 or 5 questions correct. This is a pretty good score, and better than many of the people that take my test. Now don't gloat to your friends too much. ------------------... Read more

Top of the Class

Assuming you answered all questions, you got 5 of them correct. Nice work! We here at the staff of The Following Complex Directions IQ Test are very proud of your good work. Your complimentary back... Read more

The Ivy Leaguer

Assuming you answered all of the questions, you probably got 6 correct (there is a tiny chance that you got 5 right if you got an 80). This is an excellent score. Give yourself a pat on the back. ... Read more


This score means that you answered 7 of my questions correctly. This is an incredible accomplishment. I traveled back in time and gave this test to Einstein, and he only got a 5 (of course he was on... Read more

Absolute Perfection

Looks like my test wasn't so hard for you after all. Either you've found a nifty way to cheat, or you are quite a smarty... either way I'm proud of you (well not really if you cheated). I'm no IQ e... Read more

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