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Rad Dog!

Your totally so coo. Yo da DOG!! Holla! Represent!

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You Mean Person

Wow, you are not a person that I would want as a friend. You can't even decied to eat your pilot to survive. You need to start making some better desicions in your life, becuase if you don't that's ... Read more

Your So Not Cool

Well your not the worst person ever, but I still wouldn't want to have anything to do with you. Hey at least your not the bottom of the bottle. Read more

Rad Dog!

Your totally so coo. Yo da DOG!! Holla! Represent! Read more

Total Suck Up!

You may have answered acouple questions with "I Don't Know." and gotten acouple bad answers. Try it again and maybe you'll do better. Read more

Close To The Bottom

Your the toilet scum of the bathroom. Well not really but your closer to being that fly that is constently in the bathroom annoying the heck out of you whenever your trying to brush your teeth, or ta... Read more


Lose 25 pounds and get back to me. You knew you could of done better... so what went wrong? Read more

Horny Toad

You scored half! Well the lower part of the half-way mark, but still that's pretty good!! Read more


You scored half! Even better then that your in the upper-half. So have yourself a big glass of Gatorade and sit back and relax. Read more

Lunch Meat

Have you ever felt like you weren't the bread, nor the cheese, or the ketchup, or the lettuce, but the meat? The real meat of the sandwhich? Well that is where you are, isn't it cool? Read more

Lost Soul

Your so close to the real truth. The real you. The real Big Fish. Maybe when you retell this story you can add acouple short people and a pink flying elephant. Read more


You have some hiding problems, did you know that? Maybe you should lay off the beers and 12+ hour sleeping schedule. Read more

So-Close, But So Far

Nice. Hey what are you doing next weekend? I figure we can go out and catch a movie with a bunch of friends. Read more


Great job. You could of been alot better, but hey you screwed it up;) or you answered one of the questions with a "I Don't Know". Either way you were so close to the Perfect Score. Read more

Perfect Score!

Your great you made all the right decisions, I would love to hang out with you. Get your rock climbing gear and your tent and we'll go hang out on the side of a cliff sometime. Read more

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