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The Outlanders {Gangrel}

4 Assamite, 11 Brujah, 13 Gangrel, 5 Malkavian, 7 Nosferatu, 10 Toreador, 8 Tremere, 7 Ventrue, 4 Lasombra, 9 Tzimisce, 9 Setites, 7 Giovanni and 9 Ravnos!

The Gangrel are the most primal of all clans. They rely on their instincts and wits to survive. Possesed of a natural cunning, they are by no means stupid. They are brilliant trackers who hold closest to their true natures, rarely feighning mortality. The Gangrel prefer to live in the woods, save for the rare few who venture into the city, buy a motorcycle and act like a bad scene out of The Lost Boys. Most of the other clans see the Gangrel as stupid ad outdated, that is until they get stuck in the woods...alone...at night.

For you to be a Gangrel means that you are a more primal being. You see things as they are without any kind of disillusionment. You are probably the sort who enjoys camping or just going for walks at night. Like the leader of a wolf pack you must seek, feed and endure. There is a beauty in what you are, although you are probably unaware of it. Your greatest strength is your ability to survive.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Assamite Distribution

    They scored 4% on Assamite, higher than 27% of your peers.

  • Brujah Distribution

    They scored 11% on Brujah, higher than 73% of your peers.

  • Gangrel Distribution

    They scored 13% on Gangrel, higher than 89% of your peers.

  • Malkavian Distribution

    They scored 5% on Malkavian, higher than 41% of your peers.

  • Nosferatu Distribution

    They scored 7% on Nosferatu, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • Toreador Distribution

    They scored 10% on Toreador, higher than 53% of your peers.

  • Tremere Distribution

    They scored 8% on Tremere, higher than 57% of your peers.

  • Ventrue Distribution

    They scored 7% on Ventrue, higher than 44% of your peers.

  • Lasombra Distribution

    They scored 4% on Lasombra, higher than 20% of your peers.

  • Tzimisce Distribution

    They scored 9% on Tzimisce, higher than 68% of your peers.

  • Setites Distribution

    They scored 9% on Setites, higher than 56% of your peers.

  • Giovanni Distribution

    They scored 7% on Giovanni, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • Ravnos Distribution

    They scored 9% on Ravnos, higher than 41% of your peers.

All possible test results

The Deceivers {Ravnos}

The wickedly black Ravnos clan rely on illusion. Like the gypsies of old they use the greatest tool of all, the con. They know that things are rarely as they se... Read more

The Necromancers {Giovanni}

The ever genteel Giovanni clan have the dark ability to control the dead. They are not reviled by the other clans but they are given plenty of room in which to ... Read more

The Serpents {Followers of Set}

The wickeldy seductive Followers of Set{Setites} are a vampire clan that stands at odds with all the others. They follow the Ancient Egyptian pagan doctrine and... Read more

The Fiends {Tzimisce}

Graced of an old world gentry hiding the most debase monstrosities, the Tzimisce{zee-mee-see} clan are in a category all their own among the undead. Overall the... Read more

The Keepers {Lasombra}

The ever manipulative Lasombra clan stalks the nights seeking only one thing, power. They revel in debauchery and sin. They believe that vampires should rule hu... Read more

The Blue Bloods {Ventrue}

The Ventrue are the power of the throne. They are the dictators of the undead world. The Ventrue believe it is their duty to guide the other undead. They enjoy ... Read more

The Warlocks {Tremere}

The Tremere are a clan that thrives on arcane knowledge. As humans, they used this knowledge to become vampires. Now that they are vampires, they use their new ... Read more

The Degenerate Artiste {Toreador}

The Toreador are a clan of sensuality. Possessed of a supernatural artistic ability and a charm all their own, the vampires of clan Toreador are both envied an... Read more

The Sewer Rats {Nosferatu}

The Nosferatu bare the burden of monstrosity. No matter what they do, every Nosferatu is unspeakably hideous to behold. They are forced from the world they knew... Read more

The Lunatics {Malkavian}

The Malkavians are mad they say. The violence of being turned from humans into monsters has scarred them irreperably so that every one is hopelessly insane. So... Read more

The Outlanders {Gangrel}

The Gangrel are the most primal of all clans. They rely on their instincts and wits to survive. Possesed of a natural cunning, they are by no means stupid. They... Read more

The Rabble {Brujah}

The Brujah are a clan of action. Unlike the other clans who sit and complain about the way things are, the Brujah actually do something about it. Known for thei... Read more

The Assassins {Assamites}

The Assamites are a clan fallen from grace. Assamites hail from the mysterious East and believe that by killing other vampires and drinking their blood, an A... Read more

The Super Pure One

The forgotten children of the clans, the Caitiff{kai-teef}. The Caitiff are vampires who were turned and then abandoned, never knowing their clan or the person ... Read more

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