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The Northern Lights

You scored 84 personality!

Always pretty to look at, your personality is inwardly beautiful.

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    They scored 84% on personality, higher than 77% of your peers.

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Medusa was so ugly it is said just a glance could turn a person to stone. This inner personality is one full of hate, anger, and agression, who cares nothing for life itself. Read more


An inner personality built by a mad scietist. Even though the creature meant well it didn't always do well. Read more

"Mr. Hyde"

Or Mrs. Hyde, on the outside you don't show your inner ugliness, but it can rear its ugly little head from time to time. Read more


Pretty to look at but no fun to pet. Although anyone in this catagory can move up the list a bit. Read more

"Garland Green"

A character played by Steve Buscemi in the movie Conair. Unattractive but can change as does Garland in the movie. Even though he was considered the most dangerous of the criminals on the Jail Plain. Read more

"A Thunder Storm"

All though a Storm can be beautiful to watch it can become devestaing in a heartbeat, but you may weather it through and disapate to a shower. Read more

"A Rainy Day"

Beautiful in many ways but a storm could be around the corner, or a peaceful tranquil sky. Read more


You have a nice inward personality, that can make others smile. Read more

The Northern Lights

Always pretty to look at, your personality is inwardly beautiful. Read more

"A Brilliant Star"

You have an inner personality that shines with a radiance. Read more

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