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Their result for The Am I Gay Or Not Test ...


You are 40% gay!!!

still very ungay but you like gays good on you

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Sexuality Distribution

    They scored 40% on Sexuality, higher than 24% of your peers.

All possible test results

Totally Straight

you are the most straight thing ever - you make a ruler jealous!!! Read more

All Straight

you're still totally straight, but more tolerant towards gays Read more


you're straight, that's it but with a fair tolerence to gays Read more


still very ungay but you like gays good on you Read more


your not gay but not fully straight you could be bi or just like fun gays Read more

slightly bent

oooooo you're s wee bitty gay its not a bad thing - you may just have fashion sense... Read more


you're turning rather gay now no offence, but be proud of who you are Read more

very gay

you are gay and there's no denying it Read more

major gay

you are so loose wristed it is unbeleivable Read more


you are the gayest thing EVER your wrist is so loose that it flops every time you move and there is not way of hiding it Read more

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