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The smart-jock

You are 66 Manly and 53 Nerdy!

With your moderate computer knowlege, super manly body, and overall good stamina, you have been branded with the horrible moniker "smart-jock". You are, of course, an awesome person, there's just no other way to describe you. Go have a huge breakfast, chop down a forest, then go home and check your e-mail.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Manliness Distribution

    They scored 66% on Manliness, higher than 90% of your peers.

  • Nerdiness Distribution

    They scored 53% on Nerdiness, higher than 87% of your peers.

All possible test results

The little man.

You tiny, tiny person. You chose...poorly. You are neither very Manly, nor are you very nerdy. You probably even have real, in-person, human friends. You dislike both lumberjacks and computers. I... Read more

Average teen.

You are not very manly, but you kinda know your way around electronics. You dislike camping and getting your clothes wet, and you probably aren't particularly stong. Read more

Computer nerd.

You know your computers inside and out, and you have good taste in music. However, you also have tiny stick-arms and burn like gasoline in the sun. Read more


Nerd of the umpteenth degree you are! You spend way too much time on the Intarweb, and not enough time, like, eating actual food. However, you are the new manly. you lord over electronics and sprea... Read more

a camper

You have enough of a connection with what used to be manly that you go camping on occasion. you probably suck at it, though. At least you have some strength in you. Read more

the Alright Guy.

Hey, you're an alright guy! You do alittle camping, then come home and check your email. You know to put out your camfire and to keep your computer dust-free. You like physical labor and surfing th... Read more

The I.Q. bully.

You're plenty smart, what with your ninja-ey awesomeness and your cool computer, but your too manly for other nerds to intimidate. People come to you for help with things. Read more


With the mind of a ninja master, and the body of...Well, an average person, you are manly in many new and interesting ways. You are totally the new Manly, but you haven't lost touch with that lumberj... Read more

da MAN

Who da man? YOU da man! That's right, you're very manly! You're not weak like those computer freaks, and you get lots of sun. You could be a lumberjack, no sweat! Read more

The smart-jock

With your moderate computer knowlege, super manly body, and overall good stamina, you have been branded with the horrible moniker "smart-jock". You are, of course, an awesome person, there's just no ... Read more

Damn Manly

Damn! Not only are you manly like a lumberjack, but technology holds few secrets from your amazing mind! Wow! You can eat raw meat, then edit a picture of it in photoshop! Then upload it to you ot... Read more


Amazing. Not only are you extremely manly as far as lumberjackness is concerned, but you also know technology like nothing else! I hope you have a life, 'cause if you had actual, IRL, human friends,... Read more


This was paul bunyon, pecos bill, and John Henry. You are all man, and puny weak technology and video games mean nothing to you. All you need is an axe, an awesome pet (I recommend a newfoundland), ... Read more

The Man's Man

You are reasonably intelligent in addition to being as manly as possible. though you are incredibly strong, you have a super-light touch on the keyboard. You share many traits with notable male pers... Read more

the thinking man.

Not only are you as manly as can be, you're also very intelligent, and good with technology.You probably would take your laptop out on a hike, but you like the outdoors too much for that. It doesn't ... Read more

the Ultiman.

You are all man. The world unravels and falls at your feet. you can do anything. You are completely in tune with the old Paul Bunyon traditions, but you also embrace the new technological manliness... Read more

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