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Enneagram Type 9 - The Peacemaker

You scored 72% on 9

While people of type 9 can relate a lot to all other types, other types (especially type 6) can also relate to questions determining type 9. So if you cannot relate to type 9 all that well you should read the description of the type with your second highest score to see if you can relate to it better. 

"Nines are the most patient and tolerant types in the enneagram. They have an innate belief that other people are similar to them underneath in a way they can't explain that makes them anything but megalomanic. They are truly accepting of peoples' faults and are biased to give others the benefit of the doubt. They are good listeners and one can talk to them about almost anything. They are able to see where others are coming from and can genuinely sympathize with what it feels like to not be listened to. They can make people feel good about even the deepest gloom.They are easygoing and low-maintainence. They enjoy relaxing and letting their minds wander. They like immersing themselves in their hobbies and are often drawn to the outdoors. They don't impose their preferences and aren't sticklers over little things. They don't need for things to be spelled out. They are good-natured and unflappable. They have the ability to stay hopeful as well as level-headed and calm during a real crisis. Whether they are anxious, fustrated, angry, excited, or enthused, they show less than most people and appear stable no matter what.They see being united and coming together in a positive light. They believe in "flow", whether it's going with the flow, idealizing a reality or philosophy that has flow, synchronizing themselves with the ebbs and flows of life, or being attracted to what naturally flows. They have a knack for waiting for the right time when things to come to them instead of them forcing the action. They have just enough of a positive outlook to favor letting things work out on their own but are anything but full of themselves. They have a good balance between being competitive and someone to simply hang with. All in all nines tend to be likeable."


You scored 38% 1, 69% 2, 62% 3, 45% 4, 45% 5, 66% 6, 66% 7, 45% 8 and 72% 9!

If you have a few scores similarly high to your highest score: This is perfectly normal and you should also read the other descriptions if you want to find out what type you really are.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • 1 Distribution

    They scored 38% on 1, higher than 15% of your peers.

  • 2 Distribution

    They scored 69% on 2, higher than 79% of your peers.

  • 3 Distribution

    They scored 62% on 3, higher than 75% of your peers.

  • 4 Distribution

    They scored 45% on 4, higher than 29% of your peers.

  • 5 Distribution

    They scored 45% on 5, higher than 17% of your peers.

  • 6 Distribution

    They scored 66% on 6, higher than 37% of your peers.

  • 7 Distribution

    They scored 66% on 7, higher than 74% of your peers.

  • 8 Distribution

    They scored 45% on 8, higher than 31% of your peers.

  • 9 Distribution

    They scored 72% on 9, higher than 81% of your peers.

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