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Hana Gitelman

Life's a bitch. You've had a rough past, and you've been used. Time for a little payback. You have a warrior's spirit.

Hana Gitelman's family history was primed for revenge. She comes from a long line of strong women, and she is no different. Approached by the man in the horn rimmed glasses, she began to work for him and discovered she had the ability to read electronic communication out of thin air. But she was betrayed by Mr. Bennet, and is now seeking her revenge.

Simone Deveraux is more Pure.
Claude Rains is Stronger.

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Isaac Mendez

While you are very talented and creative, you have to battle your own demons. You're not very lucky in love, either. Isaac Mendez is an artist with the ability to paint the future. He once believe... Read more

Audrey Hanson

You've got street smarts, and a good deal of personal strength. You don't take crap from anybody, not even your best friends. As the tough as nails FBI agent, Audrey was once on the hunt for the m... Read more

The Hatian

You're very mysterious, silent, and dark. People don't know too much about you, and you're not close to friends or family. Only you know your intentions. With the powers to mind wipe and dampen th... Read more

Eden McCain

You've had some trouble in your past, searching for meaning. You don't always see eye to eye with your employers, and that will get you into trouble one day. You could even be characterized as a manip... Read more

Nathan Petrelli

Boy, have you got some skeletons in your closet. You portray one image in public, but then you're someone else entirely in private. Despite how you may treat them, you do deeply care for your loved on... Read more

Jessica Sanders

You are not one to be trifled with. You have no patience and a short temper, and will not hestiate to show exactly how angry you are. Nothing gets between you and your goals. The "evil" side of a ... Read more


You're very smart, you know what's going on, and everybody knows your name. You know everybody's strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to use that knowledge to your advantage. Little is known a... Read more

Mr. Bennet

While you care a great deal about your family, you don't always do the best thing for them. You're very patient, usually quiet, but you know exactly what is going on behind the scenes. It would se... Read more


You are very strong, very smart, but very mean. You do only what benefits you and makes you stronger, no matter what the cost. Once a watchmaker by the name of Gabriel Gray, Sylar has become a psy... Read more

Sandra Bennet

While you love your family dearly and can be called a caregiver, you rarely have any idea of what's really going on around you. You're also an animal lover! A dog trainer and a loving mom, Sandra ... Read more

D.L. Hawkins

You're an all around good person. A spotty pat, sure, but you're over it and doing better. Love your family, love your significant other, and would sacrifice a lot to be with them. With the power ... Read more

Ted Sprague

You've had a lot of painful experiences in the past, and you have some anger issues. You've been hurt, used, and manipulated, and you're not going to take it anymore. Ted Sprague is a radioactive ... Read more

Ando Masahashi

You're a true blue friend! A bit of a doubting Thomas, sure, but you'll stick by your buddy no matter what craziness they come up with. You also picture yourself as a lover, but are seldom successful ... Read more

Matt Parkman

You're just a good person. You try your hardest to do what's right, but it never seems to work out. Things are rough at work and in your personal life. You always hope for the best, though. Matt P... Read more

Claire Bennet

Boy, life is rough for you right now, but you're doing the best you can. You make friends quickly and easily, and know that you can trust them above your family. Life was going great for Claire Be... Read more

Mohinder Suresh

A bit of a skeptic, you're still very highly intelligent. You love a good mystery, though, and can't help but want to figure it all out. Mohinder Suresh is the son of the great (but considered ecc... Read more

Hana Gitelman

Life's a bitch. You've had a rough past, and you've been used. Time for a little payback. You have a warrior's spirit. Hana Gitelman's family history was primed for revenge. She comes from a long ... Read more

Claude Raines

Truthfully? You're a bit of an asshole, but then again, you have every right to be. The world is a hard, rough place, and you've survived it. For now. Claude Rains is probably not his real name. It... Read more


You're the most trustworthy person you know. A bit of an outcast, people generally view you as a freak. You don't particularly care, though. Zach used to be another outcast at Odessa High. Then a ... Read more

Charlie Andrews

You're a sweet, lovable, caring person. You love to learn new things, and always seem to pick up new things quickly. Though you know the future ight be grim, you never lose your sweet nature. Char... Read more

Kaito Nakamura

You demand perfection, and you expect to get it. You could be called a hard, cold person, but it's only because you have to be. If you were anything less, everything would crumble. Hiro's father K... Read more

Hiro Nakamura

You have a joyful, childlike spirit. You're easily excited, and take on every challenge with enthusiasm. While some might get frustrated with your antics, you'll eventually get a smile out of even the... Read more

Niki Sanders

You have a meek nature at heart, and others regularly take advantage of you. You're a loving, doting caretaker, and the needs of those you love come before your own. Poor Niki Sanders. Her father ... Read more

Peter Petrelli

You're a pure soul of the highest degree. You're empathic, instantly getting very attached to just about everyone you meet. You love your family and your friends, even when life is rotten or they trea... Read more

Chandra Suresh

You're incredibly intelligent, and you have overwhelming optimism to go with it! A great combination, but your trusting nature could get you into trouble. Mohinder's late father Chandra Suresh was... Read more

Simone Deveraux

You're very bright and sophisticated. You have a good eye for beauty and are a good judge of character. People may have let you down in the past, though. Right now, you might be struggling between two... Read more

Kimiko Nakamura

Why doesn't anyone notice how smart you are? Maybe because you're too shy about showing them. You know your place, and keep your head down. Might be a good idea to speak up every now and then. You've ... Read more

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