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You never played texas hold'em, now did you?

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You never played texas hold'em, now did you? Read more

Fresh Meat

You probably just started playing, don't know what's exactly going on. Don't worry. Ask your friends how they play, check out some online strategies, and you'll be there in notime! Read more

The Fish

You're relatively new into the game, but probably no total clueless. My guess is for now you still end up "in the hole" at the end of the night. No worries, just keep practicing. It'll come to you. Read more

The Rounder

You're a rounder -- you play ocasionally, you know your game, although not too much -- you don't have any WSOP dreams, but you draw the ocassional pot in the home game with your friends. Good going! Read more

The Piranha

Oh you're good. You must be a danger to your friends stacks when you're on the table. You clearly know your game and you know exactly what you're doing. You may also have some dreams of playing with t... Read more

Amarillo Slim

Wow! If you didn't cheat, then you're probably a poker wiz. YOU are the one who arranges the home games, YOU are the one to tell all these little anecdotes on the table, YOU are the one who dreams/act... Read more

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