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The Pelican

Silhouette 17

Pelicans are heavy-bodied, long-necked birds with large, flat bills. They are graceful swimmers and fliers, often seen flying in long lines or circling at great heights. Fish are scooped up and stored in a deep, expansible pouch below the lower mandible; the young feed from the pouch and throat.

Can we just stop a moment please?

What sort of predator allows its victim to thrash about in its throat before offering it up to a dozen vicious brood? The kind that likes the taste of misery, that's who.

You are The Pelican.

Have you ever seen the movie Elephant?

The character John McFarland wears his shadow on his chest.

Check out all sorts of gear featuring your personal shadow animal by clicking the link below. And remember, you aren't bound by the results of this test; you can wear any silhouette that feels right or just plain looks cool.


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