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100 Social and 12 Economic!

Your politics revolve around entirely one thing: The sanctity of civil liberty and human rights.

You would restrict businesses heavily, deploying punitive regulations and taxes on them and may even advocate a large-government nationalism with large swathes of industry owned by the public.

Such an approach is rarely efficient. You would find taxation creeping steadily higher as nationally owned industries and businesses were bailed out from the public purse rather than being allowed to fail. This indeed would give your state greater stability, but think of all the entrepreneurs who'd never get a chance.

You are what the UK Green party is, what the UK Labour party was in the 1970s, what Ralph Nader is, what Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and The Dalai Lama are. The ex-Soviet states of the Balkans have found themselves largely in this position.

Due to the lack of any form of authoritarian structure, very few religions exist here. The closest thing to a religion here is Humanism. If you are religious, you may have quite a personal schism between your religious belief and your political views or you may simply distance one from the other; Leaving God in church as it could be said.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Social Distribution

    They scored 100% on Social, higher than 91% of your peers.

  • Economic Distribution

    They scored 12% on Economic, higher than 6% of your peers.

All possible test results


You occupy a position just 'below' (i.e. more authoritarian/controlling) centre. E.g. You are a conservative. Often quite religious, conservatives believe that liber... Read more

Communism (Liberal variety)

What fascism is on the social axis, you are on the economic axis. You largely permit people to rise and fall according to their own merits, but some concessions have to be made that your ti... Read more

Authoritarian (Communism-based)

You believe that people and business should be tightly controlled for their own good. You are unforgiving, merciless and brutally efficient. Your economy is planned ... Read more


You are a fascist. While your economic ideas are broadly centrist, you believe that the people should be kept tightly in line, often for their own protection from undesirable elements./str... Read more


Your government would be stable, sensible and ultimately boring. You are a centrist and have neither passion for authority/liberty nor passion for state/free economies. It may be that you h... Read more


You are an anarchist, an extreme liberal on both axes. You believe the government, if it needs to exist at all, should do very little and get in nobody's way. You be... Read more

Liberal Capitalist

Your score was quite high on the social axis, but your score on the economic axis was very high. This means that while you prefer to live and let live, you place the interests of business, ... Read more


You are a devout capitalist, almost to the point of a religious fervour. In your eyes, what's good for the corporations is good for everyone else and society in gene... Read more


Your belief system revolves around individual liberty. If someone can do something without harming anyone else, they should be able to. However, you believe that the line is drawn when some... Read more


Your politics revolve around entirely one thing: The sanctity of civil liberty and human rights. You would restrict businesses heavily, deploying punitive regulation... Read more


This test was unable to determine your political alignment. This is deliberate. Not everyone fits in a major group and so some gaps have been left where it is possible to not get a proper cl... Read more

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