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You're a

You enjoy most good beers and you can put back a few of most any type, as long as it ain't bud.

Their Analysis (Vertical line = Average)

  • Friendliness Distribution

    They scored 50% on Friendliness, higher than 50% of your peers.

  • Sturdiness Distribution

    They scored 45% on Sturdiness, higher than 12% of your peers.

  • OutofControl Distribution

    They scored 46% on OutofControl, higher than 57% of your peers.

All possible test results

Macro Brew Pilsner

You're like a Budweiser or Coors. You're probably easy to get along with and just want a beer or two. Read more


You can drink a few beers but you're not picky. Friends are more important. Read more

Old English

It's all about the party for you. Give me as much alcohol as fast as possible. Read more


You are developing a beer palate but maybe haven't tried much yet. Or is it that you think microbrews are pretentious? Read more


You're extra special . . . but bitter. Read more


You're not really a beer at all, but you like to party and the caffeine keeps you going. Read more


You like a good beer but you're easy going. You savor the taste but probably only have just one. Read more


You're a bit out of control and you like a strong tasting bitter beer. Read more

Imperial IPA

It's 3am and all your friends left because they went to bed or you irritated them, but you're about to head out to the speakeasy you heard about from that dude on the bus. Read more

Pale Ale

Maybe you're at home sipping on a cold one playing with your cat or cooking up a nice meal. Read more

Rasberry Ale

You like to have fun but maybe beer isn't quite right for you, but you drink the sweet stuff to share the experience with friends. Read more

Hard A

Beer!? What beer? I need a drink. Read more

Imported Pilsner

You have a refined palate and enjoy a drink with friends, but beer isn't exactly your thing. Read more


You enjoy most good beers and you can put back a few of most any type, as long as it ain't bud. Read more

Milwaukee Ice

I don't know dude, maybe you should retake it and try to get a better beer. Read more


You enjoy a good hearty taste and perhaps a bit of fantasy or Ren. Fair . . . you know it's true. Read more


You're sturdy like an ox, but you don't necessarily drink like one. Read more


Ugh. Strong beer. Strong taste. Long night. Read more

Red Ale

What can I say, you get along with most everyone. Read more

Fat Tire

It's a classic. Read more

Barley Wine

Hey baby, want a sip of my barley wine? It's sweet like honey only a little nauseating. Read more

Red Wine

There are 27 categories alright, not all of you get to be beer. But hey, you're extra friendly and enjoy a good time like the rest of us. Read more

Cream Stout

You're sugary and smooth but also have a bit of a wild side. Read more

Coffee Stout

You like a wild strong beer. Maybe your ideal night starts out with poker and ends with you lost and stumbling around in a field with a close friend or would be lover. Read more

Imperial Stout

You're the ultimate beer drinker's beer drinker. That strong sappy coffee is just right on a Tuesday after work. Read more

Chocolate Stout

Mmmm. Good beer, good friends, and a good scene. Can't get better than this. Read more


Put it in front of me and I'll drink it. Anything and everything seems good to me. Read more

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